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Outlook Plugin Sort-rder



Hi, first time poster, so am hoping this isn't going to be a dumb question  :)


I have a minor irritation with the later versions of the Windows Evernote platform, specifically the plug-in for Outlook 2013. The sort order seems a bit random. It's not sorted alphabetically or by latest update, making finding the right notebook is a pain.


By way of comparison, the Web Clipper sorts everything alphabetically which is far easier.


By way of example have a look at this.


Am I missing an obvious setting here somewhere? Hope so!


Thanks for any help.



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Hi.  My Outlook 2013 clipper notebooks are in alpha order,  but I can't see any setting that controls that.  If you check your notebooks in the main app,  do they appear in the right order?

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Hi - yes, they're in there right order in the app, just not in the plug-in. Weird isn't it? Thing is it's like that on my 3 Windows 8.1 machines..So I'm assuming there must be a setting somewhere for it.

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We just released a slew of bug fixes for the Outlook Clipper in Windows 5.9.0. Please update and let us know if your issue has been fixed for you. 

More info about 5.9.0 available here: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/87863-new-evernote-for-windows-590/


(note that batch / multi select email clipping is coming within short but not in this release)

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