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  1. You weren't kidding were you. Any news...? It's really irritating.
  2. Perhaps, doesn't make it any less irritating for a service I'm paying for.
  3. Any news....? It's very irritating, makes it hard to use.
  4. Ace, thanks. Glad is not just be being daft and missing something!
  5. Hi - yes, they're in there right order in the app, just not in the plug-in. Weird isn't it? Thing is it's like that on my 3 Windows 8.1 machines..So I'm assuming there must be a setting somewhere for it.
  6. Hi, first time poster, so am hoping this isn't going to be a dumb question I have a minor irritation with the later versions of the Windows Evernote platform, specifically the plug-in for Outlook 2013. The sort order seems a bit random. It's not sorted alphabetically or by latest update, making finding the right notebook is a pain. By way of comparison, the Web Clipper sorts everything alphabetically which is far easier. By way of example have a look at this. Am I missing an obvious setting here somewhere? Hope so! Thanks for any help.
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