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Outlook Clipper v5.8.8.7837 no longer allows batch email transfer



I am a long term user of The Secret Weapon system. One of the essential time-saving features of this process is to be able to select a group of emails and send them to EN at once.


One email at a time seems fine but as soon as more than one is selected the 'Send To Evernote' button greys out showing the option is no longer available.


Am I missing something or is this a new, er, feature?

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Cheers for the link :-)


They've completely ruined it for me then. No more auto updates for me.


Luckily I installed it with Revo so I've just stripped it all out and backlevelled to


What a complete waste of everyone's time. I wonder what questions are asked before release?


Who will it affect?


What value are we adding? etc


Thanks Evernote. I pay for a Premium service and I get toy-town.....

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After doing some toying around with a few things I have found a work around to batch import emails since the update. What you can do is select multiple emails and export them into Microsoft onenote using their outlook plugin. Then go to your evernote desktop application and select file>import>microsoft Onenote and select where you saved all those emails and it will import them all. That is what I am doing so that I can sort threw my back log of emails and put them into EN. I hope this helps. 

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