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  1. Does the new Outlook App allow bulk email export to Evernote? Some time back in this thread we were told that the bulk email 'send to Evernote' had been deliberately removed. It makes no sence to me that an obviously useful and time-saving function such as this would be taken away. Has this function now been restored? If not, I'll be staying with my back levelled version thanks :-)
  2. jbignert - thank you. Is there a thread where we're more likely to hear about the details of the update when it happens? Or will you post here to confirm?
  3. It's all a bit of a mess at the moment. I've back-levelled to an earlier version ( and told the app not to look for updates - see https://discussion.e...er/#entry363768. Now it's all working fine again. I have the old reliable icon back in Outlook and can swipe/copy groups of emails again. It'll fall over if I copy too many attachments but that's understandable. AdmitalP, I suggest you do the same until the devs have sorted this out, and even then double check here first to be sure they've done it properly. Use a full restore to be sure you've got everything unless you've used a good uninstaller like Revo. Are there any EV devs reading this by the way? I pay a premium rate and use EN constantly in by business flow. This latest error cost me time, inconvenience and undoubtedly money. It would be comforting to know someone is sorting it out.... Incidentally, I got my back level from Filehippo.com Best of luck.
  4. Got a bit irate about this on another thread - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/85573-outlook-clipper-v5887837-no-longer-allows-batch-email-transfer/#entry363768 Thanks to Gazumped for sending me here...
  5. Cheers for the link :-) They've completely ruined it for me then. No more auto updates for me. Luckily I installed it with Revo so I've just stripped it all out and backlevelled to What a complete waste of everyone's time. I wonder what questions are asked before release? Who will it affect? What value are we adding? etc Thanks Evernote. I pay for a Premium service and I get toy-town.....
  6. I am a long term user of The Secret Weapon system. One of the essential time-saving features of this process is to be able to select a group of emails and send them to EN at once. One email at a time seems fine but as soon as more than one is selected the 'Send To Evernote' button greys out showing the option is no longer available. Am I missing something or is this a new, er, feature?
  7. I feel the same and have posted elsewhere about this. But hey, surely one more can't hurt... I use thesecretweapon.org system too. Ironically, it's been created for, and thoroughly promotes the Evernote Mac and PC apps. The two major functions it relies upon are 1. Being able to create AND view nested tags 2. A 'search by tags' option in the note list area yet these are absent on any platform other than Mac app and Windows app. Nope, nothing on the new web app either. I thought one of the main selling points of EN was to give you the same access to all your information everywhere. Hopefully then, there will soon be some joined up thinking across the different OS dev departments and they will realise that, if you are making a superb app on one OS you probably want to make it across all of them. I can see how screen size on an iPhone could be a problem but on an iPad? We're now in 2015!! As chocoremedy rightly asks.....how hard can it be?
  8. Couldn't agree more! Lovely Evernote peeps. Oh PULEEEASE give us an iOS version that works with GTD planning like the Mac or PC app does! I'm not that interested in pretty colours or whether the app can 'intuitively' guess what I want to do next. It hasn't got it right yet!? I just want it to do what my PC app does and let me organise my life. So please, stop wasting time on what shade of green to use and just give me something that works. Mainly: 1. Sort by tags and allow all other column sortings too 2. Show all my carefully nested tags in all their hierarchical gorgeousness I use The Secret Weapon GTD system. It's superb, it's designed exclusively for the Evernote app, it's free and it's here http://www.thesecretweapon.org ....... and no, I don't work for them. I've just checked your much publicised web version and the above options aren't available on there either. What are you thinking!? Reduce function but make it pretty? Please find the person who thinks this is a great idea and give him another job. So, Evernote iOS and web designers, try a little reverse engineering. Go to the Secret Weapon site and make your next iPad/web app work with their system... which already works with the EN desktop apps. <sigh> Simples... :-) Best Tinks
  9. Yes please! Put me down for this one too. I use The Secret Weapon GTD with EN. It's the main reason I can justify a premium EN account! With this system, nested tags are a must and to have them just 'disappear' on an iOS device is confusing and annoying. These days, if an app works on one platform, it should work the same way on another. Evernote, do you have projected rollout for this feature? I'd be happy to beta test ;-)
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