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Recuring task



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Evernote does not have recurring tasks. Reminders can be assigned a date, which can be re-set, but this is clearly not what you are looking for.


There might be some app that works with Evernote, but I am not aware of one. Perhaps someone else here has an idea.

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There are a number of apps,  web based and otherwise,  that will set recurring reminders and have more or less integration with Evernote.  In most to-do apps you can at least embed the URL of a note so that when reminded of a task you can jump to the full details in Evernote.  See https://appcenter.evernote.com/ for some suggestions.


Using email you could also send the URL of a note to yourself via one of the email services that do this sort of thing - https://appcenter.evernote.com/app/followup.cc/web-apps  also happens to have Evernote links...

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Im using the free version and i like to know how to create a recurring task?


As stated above, Evernote does NOT support recurring tasks.


IMO, there are many other apps that do a much better job of task and project management than Evernote.

Almost all apps dedicated to task management support recurring tasks.

Since you didn't mention how you plan to use tasks, it is hard to make any specific suggestions.

Before you invest a lot of time and effort into trying to make Evernote work like a traditional task management app, you might consider other apps.


One approach I use often with Evernote, is to use the best app for the job, and then use Evernote for support.  It is easy enough to put a Note Link into the documents/notes of other apps.  And some apps provide a linking feature that would allow you to enter a link to a record (task for example) into an Evernote Note.

This lets me take advantage of the features of both apps.

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