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  1. In Day One you can set a password, but the data is not encrypted and can be read by anyone with physical access to your computer. See: Why I Don't Use Day One For Private Journaling
  2. I am happy that tables now work better in Evernote, but there are still a few frustrations. One is that the "grabber" -- the double-headed arrow in a table column -- is not where it should be. You have to mouse over the column to find it because it's not at the column border where you would expect it. Instead, it's floating somewhere in the column. Another is that if I add a column, either to the right or left of a column, it cuts the existing column in half. That is not the expected behavior in other apps that do tables. Then I have to resize all the columns to accommodate the new column.
  3. PDF is not the only format you can see inline. Old iWork documents show inline just like pdfs. The newer Pages and Numbers documents will also show, but for some reason the inline previews are always blurry. Quick Look produces a much clearer view. I assume that Keynote is the same, though I don't have any of these. You can set these documents to automatically show the preview by right clicking and selecting "view inline." It should stay that way, unless you change the setting to "view as attachment." Hope I have understood your question properly.
  4. I am noticing an odd little bug when I'm typing. If I accidentally type an extra letter in a word, it is flagged with a red underline, as I would expect: e.g. flaggged When I remove the extra letter, the red underline does not disappear, even though the word is now correctly spelled. The only way to get rid of the red underline is to backspace and retype a letter in the word. Spellcheck does not operate this way in any other notes app or word processor that I use -- Text Edit, Pages, Scrivener, OmniOutliner, etc. all show the word as fixed once the extra letter is removed. It does
  5. When I worked for a law firm, many of our clients preferred to incorporate in and do business out of Delaware because the income tax law is very business-friendly. I'm not saying that Kuzma is doing anything shady, but there are those who do use the law for their own questionable purposes.
  6. Maybe there is a better way, but I always just open the PDF in Preview and print from there. The PDF is an attachment, and most attachments don't print as part of the note. The same thing happens with Pages documents; they have to be opened in Pages in order to print. Images do print, however.
  7. I can appreciate the fact that Evernote was not originally intended to be a file management utility. I can also appreciate that Apple somewhat suddenly changed their iWork file formats on everyone and that this is not Evernote's fault. However, I, and many others, have come to utilize Evernote as a way of organizing documents. I am heavily invested in Evernote for storing and organizing about 75% of my files--most of which, I might add, are Pages documents. In fact, I paid for the premium Evernote service specifically for this feature. I'm not quite ready to abandon Evernote over this (f
  8. They have not always been packages. They used to save as flat files. Evernote does not have (and has never had) the ability to attach directories to notes, so we zip them before attaching them. It is still possible to view and edit these documents. The problem is that when you edit them, the changes don't save. Every edit you make, you have to save it as a new document. As for viewing, the only way to view is to open.
  9. My attachments are still zipped. I looked at a Pages template document and also created a new document from scratch. Zipped. Apple may have changed the format of these files, but they have always been packages, and it used to be possible to view and edit them in Evernote, so clearly it could be fixed. What I want to know is if Evernote is still working on this. If it has been fixed, why am I still seeing zipped files?
  10. I thought this had been fixed, but my Pages documents are still turning into zip files when I drag them into Evernote. Any news on this front?
  11. I have 8300 notes and LOTS of tags. I'm happy to see that I'm not the only one who finds them useful. In fact, tags are one of my favorite features of Evernote. Tags are a simple way to organize notes. I use them like temporary folders. Everything I need for a particular day or lesson gets a special tag. When I'm done, all I do is select all the notes with that tag and delete the tag. I suppose I could put them in a special notebook and delete that, but doing it with tags is faster, IMO. I find notebooks less useful, only use them for general areas: Home, Work, Finances, Reference, Projects
  12. I hadn't noticed this because I have a few pages documents I dropped into Evernote weeks ago, and they are still compressed. Does this mean that I will need to add these documents again? I tried opening them, but they still appear in Evernote as zips files.
  13. I would also like to know when this is going to happen. I can't work out of Evernote until this is fixed.
  14. +1 for bigger font size in sidebar and more contrast in tags list!
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