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  1. This is what it looks like:
  2. Today I noticed that when I look at a reminder note on my iphone, all of the content is replaced by the phrase "tap to edit." I can see and edit the content using the Evernote app on my macbook and when using the web version of Evernote. I am also able to view and edit these notes on my ipad. Has anyone else noticed this? I have restarted the app, synced it several times, and the problem persists. I am running ios 9.2 on my iphone and ipad, and El Capitan on my macbook, Evernote version 6.4.
  3. I find that there are two ways to import an rtf note. I use mac, so if you're using windows, it may be different. 1. You can drag the file to the Evernote icon in the dock. If I do this, the file is turned into native Evernote format and can be edited within Evernote, i.e. I don't have to open it in another program. Changes are synced to my phone and ipad. 2. You can drag the file into an existing note. Then it becomes an attachment to the note and can be opened with another program. Any changes I make in that program are synced to Evernote, i.e. the attachment is updated. When I view the note + attachment on my phone or ipad, I can download the attachment and see it, but not edit it -- unless I open it in another program. I am not sure if the changes I might make in that other program would be saved to the attachment. I prefer to use method 1 for rtf because I don't have to worry about an attachment syncing. Other types of files can only be imported as attachments. If I drag a Pages document to my dock icon, Evernote creates a new note with that file as an attachment. Hope this helps. If not, you might want to identify your operating system; maybe someone else will chime in with some advice.
  4. In Day One you can set a password, but the data is not encrypted and can be read by anyone with physical access to your computer. See: Why I Don't Use Day One For Private Journaling
  5. You could use checkboxes for items you are waiting on. The search todo:false will turn up any notes with unchecked boxes. You can narrow your search by tags or notebooks to limit your results to the specific notes you are considering. I teach several classes and use tags to organize notes relating to each class. I create a separate note for each of the many of the tasks I am working on which I update with notes and links to resources. I can copy the note links for all my tasks relating to a specific class and copy them into one master note. Each task note has a checkbox so I can quickly search for notes tagged "English 12" which are incomplete.
  6. I email into and out of Evernote regularly and have never had any problems. If you attach a document to your email - one that can be read in Evernote, it will arrive in the note. If Evernote can't read the attachment, it will attach a zip file. If you email a note with an attachment out of Evernote, the attachment should arrive in the email. This is how it should work (in gmail, at least). What client are you using (Windows, Mac, ios, etc)? What kind of attachment is it and how are you attaching it?
  7. I am also a secondary school teacher. For the past four years, I've used Evernote for my lesson planning. This is my method: I have one notebook: School. All of my school-related documents go in here - lesson plans, unit plans, student notes, materials, etc. Within this notebook, I use titles to organize my classes: eng12.Y1415.GP4.Wk3 is my lesson plan for English 12 for the school year 2014-2015, 4th grading period, 3rd week. I plan by the week because it's easier to move activities between days if needed. I use a weekly lesson template for this. Titling notes this way makes them automatically fall into order. I also create planning notes for each unit: eng12.Y1415.GP1.unit.beo is the Beowulf unit. Here I put links to any documents I plan to use (handouts, reading questions, quizzes, tests), as well as any teaching notes and ideas. Since I also use tags for units (e.g. eng12.lit.beo) I can easily find all of the Beowulf materials, copy their links, and paste them into a new unit note for the current year. All materials that I'm using for the current week get tagged #sch.desk; I have a shortcut in my sidebar to quickly see what's there and untag anything I'm done with. When I move to a new year, I create new notes: eng12.Y1516.GP1.Wk1, for example. I do this in one of two ways: 1) copy last year's note and change the year in the title, or 2) create a new note and paste or type in lessons I plan to use. I never teach exactly the same lessons on the same days, so this is what I usually do, but I always refer to the previous year's notes when planning. Having a date in the title, e.g. 2015-09-08, is less useful to me; I'm more interested in finding lessons by grading period, week, and unit. I have lesson notes for four years, so it's easy for me to look at eng12.Y1213.GP1 to see what I was doing three years ago and decide if I want to use any of the same materials. I also use tags for this, to quickly find all of my lessons from first grading period or a specific unit. Perhaps this does not sound like something you would want to do, but it suits the way I plan and does not take me much time. It's a lot more flexible than an online lesson plan service or a designated program.
  8. Okay, I think I figured out what I did -- I changed my email at some point and signed in with the wrong one. When I signed in using the right one, all my notes are there and I am still premium. What I can't figure out is how I ended up with a second account using my old email. I do not remember ever setting up a second account, and I probably would not have used that email if I did. Sorry for double-posting. I was in panic mode. PS: Thank you Metrodon for quickly flagging this!
  9. I am a premium user, not up for renewal until August 2015. Today I tried to sign on the web version and got a message: "Your account has been deactivated." I clicked the link "Reactivate Account" but was still unable to sign in. Meanwhile, my mac and iphone are still syncing normally. I went to the customer support page, was asked to sign in, and this time it seemed to work. However, when I finished typing up my problem, I was unable to use chat because it says I am not a premium user. I am now able to access my account on the web version, but it says I am not premium. My mac version says I am premium. These are the same account, the same email and account name. Since it may be weeks before my request is looked at by the support people and I can't chat with Evernote, I hoped posting here might get me an answer sooner. This is the first time I've ever had a problem like this, but I have seen similar complaints here on the forum. Having nearly 10,000 notes, "your account has been deactivated" is not a message I ever want to see! Edit: Yike! My online account has 1 note: Welcome to Evernote.
  10. I usually use Instapaper for articles I want to save and read later. Instapaper allows you to send a digest of up to 20 articles to Kindle. I used to save a lot of articles in Evernote, but I ended up with piles of articles I didn't read.
  11. I often send documents to Kindle to read on my phone or ipad. You don't need to own a kindle to do this. Just download the ipad app and look at the instructions for Kindle Personal Documents Service. Kindle lets you adjust the type size, the background, etc. You won't be able to edit the document, but it makes reading a lot easier.
  12. Evernote does not have recurring tasks. Reminders can be assigned a date, which can be re-set, but this is clearly not what you are looking for. There might be some app that works with Evernote, but I am not aware of one. Perhaps someone else here has an idea.
  13. I like Reminders. I don't use them as a task management system, but just to pull up notes I need to see in the future. As a teacher, I like to put a reminder on notes I might use for an upcoming unit or on a note with ideas for the next time I teach something. Without reminders, I would probably reinvent a lot of wheels over the course of a year. However, if you don't want the Reminders section at the top of your list, you have to "clear reminder" not simply "mark as done." As long as you clear all reminders in a notebook, you shouldn't see the Reminders section. At least, that's how it works on a mac.
  14. Please check and make sure you are signed into the same account on all devices.
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