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  1. Today I noticed that when I look at a reminder note on my iphone, all of the content is replaced by the phrase "tap to edit." I can see and edit the content using the Evernote app on my macbook and when using the web version of Evernote. I am also able to view and edit these notes on my ipad. Has anyone else noticed this? I have restarted the app, synced it several times, and the problem persists. I am running ios 9.2 on my iphone and ipad, and El Capitan on my macbook, Evernote version 6.4.
  2. In Day One you can set a password, but the data is not encrypted and can be read by anyone with physical access to your computer. See: Why I Don't Use Day One For Private Journaling
  3. I like Reminders. I don't use them as a task management system, but just to pull up notes I need to see in the future. As a teacher, I like to put a reminder on notes I might use for an upcoming unit or on a note with ideas for the next time I teach something. Without reminders, I would probably reinvent a lot of wheels over the course of a year. However, if you don't want the Reminders section at the top of your list, you have to "clear reminder" not simply "mark as done." As long as you clear all reminders in a notebook, you shouldn't see the Reminders section. At least, that's how it works on a mac.
  4. I am happy that tables now work better in Evernote, but there are still a few frustrations. One is that the "grabber" -- the double-headed arrow in a table column -- is not where it should be. You have to mouse over the column to find it because it's not at the column border where you would expect it. Instead, it's floating somewhere in the column. Another is that if I add a column, either to the right or left of a column, it cuts the existing column in half. That is not the expected behavior in other apps that do tables. Then I have to resize all the columns to accommodate the new column. Not really complaining -- tables are much better than before -- but it's a little annoyance I hope will be fixed one day. My client is Mac 6.0.9 beta
  5. PDF is not the only format you can see inline. Old iWork documents show inline just like pdfs. The newer Pages and Numbers documents will also show, but for some reason the inline previews are always blurry. Quick Look produces a much clearer view. I assume that Keynote is the same, though I don't have any of these. You can set these documents to automatically show the preview by right clicking and selecting "view inline." It should stay that way, unless you change the setting to "view as attachment." Hope I have understood your question properly.
  6. I am noticing an odd little bug when I'm typing. If I accidentally type an extra letter in a word, it is flagged with a red underline, as I would expect: e.g. flaggged When I remove the extra letter, the red underline does not disappear, even though the word is now correctly spelled. The only way to get rid of the red underline is to backspace and retype a letter in the word. Spellcheck does not operate this way in any other notes app or word processor that I use -- Text Edit, Pages, Scrivener, OmniOutliner, etc. all show the word as fixed once the extra letter is removed. It does not happen when I reverse letters or miss a letter. In those cases, the red underline disappears as soon as the word is fixed. This is a small annoyance more than anything else, but I wonder why it happens and whether it can be fixed. Anyone else notice this? I am using Evernote for Mac 6.0.5.
  7. When I worked for a law firm, many of our clients preferred to incorporate in and do business out of Delaware because the income tax law is very business-friendly. I'm not saying that Kuzma is doing anything shady, but there are those who do use the law for their own questionable purposes.
  8. Can you point out where I should be seeing this? I still see no way to print. I'm using Google Chrome.
  9. Maybe there is a better way, but I always just open the PDF in Preview and print from there. The PDF is an attachment, and most attachments don't print as part of the note. The same thing happens with Pages documents; they have to be opened in Pages in order to print. Images do print, however.
  10. I hope this can be fixed soon. I only use the web client from work, and only when I've forgotten an important piece of paper. That happened today. My workaround: I emailed it to myself and printed from Outlook.
  11. I'm a teacher using Evernote for all my planning. In fact, I've found it the best, most flexible tool for this purpose. You didn't say what you teach; your subject /grade might influence the way you plan. I teach English in an urban high school and do something similar to what you do: I create a note for each week. I title them so they automatically fall into chron order: eng12.Y1415.GP3 = English 12, Year 2014-15, Grading Period 3. I use unit tags so I can quickly pull up what I did last year and all the resources I used. I tried using tables to make a week grid, but Evernote's tables were sort of wonky when I started doing this, so I just use dividers. I observe that tables have improved a lot, so you may find that a good method. My template looks like this: Class / DatesAims: [here I put the standards I'll teach and the learning targets I'm aiming at.]Resources: [Here I put links to any materials I think I might use. I became a premium user in order to keep word and pages documents in my account.]Activities: [Here I put a section for each day, where I list the specific activities I'm planning to use.]Assessment: [Here I make a note of any assessments I'll use]Notes: [Here I make notes on anything that went well or poorly, any adjustments I'm making, anything I want to think about for next year.I don't make individual notes for each day, but print out the week note with space between the days and write on it to make notes and adjustments, which I then transcribe into Evernote. I've been teaching a long time and have taught the same classes for several years, so I my lesson plans are pretty minimal, just a few lines. I'm not required to submit lesson plans unless I'm being observed, in which case I will make a separate note for that lesson and print it out for my admin. I do make a note for each unit I teach, with a detailed list of standards, learning targets, resources, activities, and assessments. I also make notes, which I look at each year when I get ready to teach a unit. What works for me might not work for you, but I found that daily lesson plans took a lot of time and were so frequently changed that I was forever revising my notes. I don't use an ipad or any technology in class - my students are so distractible that I don't need that distraction for myself - so all I have is a printed copy of my week plan. I've learned to think in terms of units / standards rather than individual days because it's hard for me to make a detailed plan more than a couple days in advance. Why I've stuck with Evernote for lesson planning: I've used different methods ranging from legal pads to software designed for lesson planning to online planning sites, but I always come back to Evernote because of the flexibility of notes. A note can contain other documents and notes about them, it can contain checkboxes, dividers, and especially links - and I can revise it from my phone or on the web. It's a great way to keep unit materials together with notes on the lessons. I download articles for my students to read, bookmarks for research, and drag in Mac Pages documents for printed documents like tests and worksheets. And make extensive notes on what works, what doesn't. That is invaluable when next year rolls around. If you are a mac person, you might want to look at Jeff Hellman's lovely Planbook for Mac. I used it for a while, but got tired of all those little boxes to fill in. Too restrictive for me, but if you like that level of organization, it is a well-made and very usable app. I've also used online solutions like planbook.com, but we don't have good internet access at my school, so it was frustrating (it's like we're still in the 20th century, tech-wise). TLDR: For me, it's more flexible to plan units than days; Evernote is a good tool for this because of links. Plan down to whatever your comfort level is - daily, weekly, lessons, units. Links are awesome!
  12. I'm using both Clearly and the Web Clipper in Chrome. Usually when I want to clip an entire article, it works fine, but sometimes it selects only the comments, or something else outside of the article. If I use the "+" button to expand the selection, the clipper again decides what to include, rather than letting me drag the box to include what I want. Sometimes it selects the article + comments, which is a bit better, but I still have to delete hundreds of comments if I don't want them. Why does it do this? The only way to get around when this happens, it seems, is to select exactly what I want to clip.
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