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When i click on a link in a note to another note, it takes me to the note, but doesn't highlight the note in the middle column. In other words, I see the note in the right hand display, but the snippet is not highlighted and therefore I cannot right click on the snippet to bring up a context menu for exporting, etc. 

This seems like odd behavior, so perhaps I am doing something wrong and/or missing a step. Any suggestions?


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I agree with you that when you click on a link to another Note, the target Note should be shown in both the Note contents pane and in the Note Snippet (or other) view.


That is exactly how it works in EN Mac 6.0.7.

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Workaround for export is click File - Export.  Some of the other context can be had by clicking Note in the menu bar.  Agreed, though, not having the note highlighted in List, Snippet, or Card views is a PITA.

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I hope Evernote developers monitor these postings.

We do :)

I just tried in 5.8.5 and selection switched. If the linked note was not in the current notebook (my current context), the list switched to "All Notes". Now, if you are in the single note view, that will not affect the list.

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