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I'd like to get the list view option into beta; add tags while in list view


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I'd just like to say that I definitely get what you folks are trying to do with the web beta, and kudos on the smooth transitions etc. It is definitely less klunky than the old web app.  The one think I find that I am missing is the the list view option. I used to use that to scan my notes for the day, see what I've tagged and what needed tagging, check to see if there were any untitled notes and give them a title, etc. That's just much harder to do in the teaser view option.


While I think about it, it would be great to add tags while in list view. I couldn't do that in the old web app interface either, and found myself wanting to do it repeatedly, but had to open the note to do that.


I also like the ability to type/autocomplete when searching for a notebook. That's an increasingly common feature in apps in general and I apprecaite the ability to do that.


Love Evernote, I have been using it for at least five years, and its great. Would love to see a desktop app for Ubuntu, but, hey, can't have everything.





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At the moment under View Options I can toggle Show images and Show text. Good, it's getting more like list view.


Can we get another toggle for Show date? I really don't need to see that "2 Days Ago" line all the time. I'd rather have thinner rows, so that I can fit more on my screen.

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