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  1. Wondering if anyone at Evernote will even bother with this. I'm on Linux so there is no desktop client I can download. Big Trev, I agree, I tried the new web interface, and switched back. Terrible user experience.
  2. The search feature is not working in the Classic view in my Chrome browser. I am using a Linux Ubuntu version of Chrome, Version 56.0.2924.28 beta (64-bit). There was an update just today so there might very well be a bug in the browser. When I try to search by tag, the center column only displays a few of the tagged items, say the first ten. When I clear the filter and hit 'Search' again, nothing shows in the center column, which is set to Snippets view. I just tested it in Firefox and it is working fine, so it must be something in the Chrome beta. Any suggestions on how to at
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