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Slider and Shortcut Access



EN for Android v7 is a real milestone of exploring the tool's potential on Android tablet. The team deserves to be appreciated for the hard work.


Still, two important features are expected to come back as soon:


1. Slider in note panenote list and tag list

2. Return to the leaving position after accessing a shortcut


Currently I use EN for Android v.5.4.1 on my phone. With that version, all necessary sliders are present and 

  • number of notes/tags would be displayed to the right of the parent tag in light-color font

All these features are elements critical for highly efficient navigation, and are expected to come back to the tablet version.


Thanks a lot.

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Another problem with EN for Android v7 on tablet:


In navigating the tag tree, dragging a tag/note list up/down is a basic operation, but every dragdown at the list top would activate a syncing process and significantly slow down the tablet response.


In fact simply pressing the sync button on the bottom left is already convinient enough for activating sync.


Hope the team would pay atttention to this.

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Am I getting that right: You're missing the slider on the right where you'd see like shortcuts and such when you swipe from the right? If so, that's for for smartphone as well, not only tablet. And it's really inconvenient not to have the slider at least in the notes view anymore. I always used to open notes through a home screen shortcut and still be able to access other notes. Not possible anymore. Please bring this feature back.. :(

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Another suggestion:


Please make the big green "+" button able to be hiden or move it into the wasted area of the top bar.


I don't know if I'm typical enough or not. I myself use the Android version 95%+ only as an quick retriever and reader of information, and so it's totally unreasonable to put the big button on bottom right as a big distractor and covering a significant space of the reading area.

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