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  1. Since the update im having trouble when scrolling through and updating notes that often the auto scroll activates, because if I want to scroll back up (tap and hold and swipe downwards) but start the tap too far at the lower rim of the note, so it starts scrolling down. Also because sometimes it recognizes is as auto scroll and sometimes as normal swipe this whole behavior become very glitchy and choppy. Attached a clip showing the issue. I'd rather deactivate this "feature" since I can easily fast scroll with a fast swipe. I don't need that weird auto scroll at all. 20210917_174322.mp4
  2. I've seen a similar request in the IOS section, not sure if it's the same issue, but it seems like it: Ever since the update I constantly keep on accidently closing the notes that I just want to scroll down on. It's way too sensitive and I'd rather use the back button or have the swipe sensitivity at least on the very left side of the screen than on the whole screen.
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