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Changing Evernote Hats

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I have a suggestion or perhaps someone has a better idea than I can come up with...


I use Evernote for work, pleasure and studies, all under my own single personal account.  I have a huge array of notebooks and notes.  Would it be possible have a feature to be able to switch, let's say profiles?  So When I'm at work I see any notebooks pertaining to work, then, when required, switch to the study profile to see notebooks pertinant to study, etc?


I'm not that organised so all of my notebook topics are intertwined due to the alphabetic nature of the list.


I did try to create notebook stacks, with Work/Pleasure & Study as parents, but you can only have one notebook level per stack.  Some of my notebook stacks have mutilple notebooks so this wouldn't be possible.

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Hi.  If instead of a notebook stack you use a different account,  and place all your work notebooks in one,  all the personal stuff in another,  you could keep your existing stacks and share one or more notebooks between accounts so you can add some personal information while logged into the work account or vice-versa.

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I would push more for 1 account, since it would be easier to email to one account, clip from the Web clipper to one account, search one account, etc. 


If a single stack is limiting, here are at least 2 possibilities:

  • Create multiple stacks each for work, pleasure and studies. You would name/ prefix the stacks so that they are grouped together and expand/ collapse as needed.
  • Another thing you could do is have one stack for each, but then rely on tagging conventions to consolidate/ categorize what were once multiple notebooks. You could have notebooks for broader categories and use tagging along with fewer notebooks to diversify and branch out. To that end, you might find my hybrid approach to tags and notebooks useful... Here's a post that explains how I roll: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/82834-need-notebook-strategy-ideas/#entry352448 
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Lucky_Luke - It seems that you are missing what is, arguably, the biggest benefit of EN. That is, all your "stuff" can be in one place.


I'm with Frank.dg. I think the solution to your problem is to create one EN Notebook Stack for work, one for personal, and one for studies. Then, move your Notebooks to the appropriate Stack.


Then, throughout the day, click on the Notebook stack that pertains to your role (worker, person, student) at the time. (This is a standard Stack structure that I would guess that many, many EN users use.)


Once you have opened a stack, EN's Search function will search just that Stack and find whatever you are looking for.

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