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(Archived) SMS - Number to send notes to Evernote?

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I ran into something today as I was texting that forwarding some of my texts to Evernote would be very useful. I am wondering as well as an email account if Evernote could add a personal phone number that you can forward text messages to?!!!!

-I'm sure other functionality could actually be added if you have a phone number - not sure how you would do it - I know that JOTT has a single number and knows which phone you have and goes straight into your account.

But this would be another useful medium to input data.

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If you create a Twitter acount, associate your mobile phone with that, and then follow 'myen' on Twitter and follow the instructions on the myen profile page, you'll be able to send texts to Twitter as normal, but texts to Twitter that start with @myen will go to Twitter and go to your Evernote account too.

I set it up last night in less than 10 minutes.

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I successfully text to Evernote all the time. It is actually much faster than trying to email something from my phone. I just text to my EN email address and it goes through like any other text. I use ATT, not sure if that is an exclusive feature with them or not.

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