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  1. If I were you, as a quick workaround, I'd select all notes with 'web hosting' and then tag them with 'hosting'. Then delete the 'web hosting' tag from the system. Do the same with 'web_hosting' and you'll have them all under the same tag.
  2. If you the initial synch through WiFi all you'll need to synch in the future is the updates (new notes & edits). But yes you can set the auto-synch to only use WiFi.
  3. Howdy Geoff. i think the best advice you could have at this point is: brace yourself.
  4. You can do it anyway you want. For me, lots of smaller notes works better than fewer larger ones. I used to have all sorts of notebooks, then threw them all away, put them into a single notebook and use tags on the notes to differentiate and categorize them. I also have an 'inbox' notebook for untagged, new notes.
  5. How about the indexing and searching of notes & attached documents, and searching the text and handwriting in images...
  6. I'll do it. I'm lonely. Be my friend?
  7. I have notes with multiple documents in, like Burger's example, but most of them have a single 'thing' in a single note. For me it works better that way - I can tell more easily from the note title in the search results what I have retrieved. I don't want to have to find the notes, and then go searching through huge notes looking for the bit of info I want.
  8. It's your story, so write yourself a happy ending. (I'm hoping my ending involves a public place, nudity and welter of sardines.)
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