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  1. Yes, you do need a copy of windows. But I would guess that most people moving to Linux are coming from the Windows world, they should be able to use the Windows that was supplied with the PC they are now putting Linux onto.
  2. First of all, I think the Nevernote initiative is fantastic, and such be applauded. It is an open-source clone of an Evernote client, for Linux. I think this will grow into something awesome. it might be all you need. For me though, right now, it isn't complete enough. It will get there, I'm sure, and I will keep checking back and seeing where they have progressed to. I am confident that one day I will migrate to it. In the meanwhile I had to find a different way of getting EN onto Ubuntu. With the recent overhaul on the EN web interface I can nearly do without a client, but not quite. In putting EN onto Ubuntu I wanted a way that I knew would work, and that didn't require me to go and learn something new. I like learning new things, don't get me wrong, but I didn't have time (nor the personal bandwidth) to be taking on something new right now (like the well-known Wine windows emulator). Impatience won out over education. So I resorted to using a technique/technology that I was familiar with. I've used VirtualBox in the past, so I installed VirtualBox through the Ubuntu Software Centre. VirtualBox is a free, open-source means of creating virtual computers. You can run VirtualBox on Windows, Linux & Mac. Once you have it installed and create a virtual computer you can load and run a guest OS in a window on your existing physical machine as though it were a separate computer. First off - you need a fairly beefy PC and about a gig of RAM. You can have multiple virtual computers running at once, if your PC has the power. They can be isolated or networked together through a virtual network. I created a virtual computer, installed Windows XP in it, installed EN for windows in that and hey presto. [attachment=0]EN in Windows XP VBox.png[/attachment] If you install the VirtualBox GuestAdditions in the Guest OS it can share folders with the host OS for easy file transfer, and has tighter integration to the graphics of your host PC. You can then size the guest window to any size and the contents scale accordingly, and you can run the guest in a true full screen mode. As Ubuntu gives you four workspaces by default you can have one dedicated to Windows/EN.
  3. Another point is that there is no revenue attached to the EN clients. They are given away free. The whole idea of the free client is to encourage users to try EN. hopefully they get to use En a lot and come to see value in it, and then become premium subscribers. Why would EN care what client you used?
  4. +1. It's not in the cloud, but FreeMind is free, and it is Java based. I have used it on Windows and Linux, it should run on Mac. I doubt it'll run on the iPhone though.
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