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  1. I am still waiting on getting a webcam for my Mac Mini - if there is no built in iSight - will a third party web cam work with Evernote - thinking of getting an IPEVO POV 2
  2. I think search may still be working but - save as searchable PDF is missing in the latest beta of the Mac client (it was present before the server upgrade)
  3. I have noticed that OCR seems to be down currently. Both with new documents and old searchable PDFs (no longer searchable) any word on when this feature will return?
  4. I am wondering if it would be possible to add the ability for those tweets done with @myen that include geolocation into to be added to notes?
  5. Okay thanks - the iPhone is unfortunately can't do this - I think it would be a cool thing to look into for future features
  6. I ran into something today as I was texting that forwarding some of my texts to Evernote would be very useful. I am wondering as well as an email account if Evernote could add a personal phone number that you can forward text messages to?!!!! -I'm sure other functionality could actually be added if you have a phone number - not sure how you would do it - I know that JOTT has a single number and knows which phone you have and goes straight into your account. But this would be another useful medium to input data.
  7. I am wondering if it would be possible to add the ability to have a Saved Search include multiple notebooks in the future - this would be extremely helpful for the type of work I do in Evernote! Thanks for an awesome product! Tim
  8. I am wondering if anyone out there is good at coding for the Apple's old Newton OS and could create a slimmed down simple version of Evernote for the MessagePads and eMates - I think those would be great $50 devices to use as an Evernote notebook Any ideas?
  9. I am wondering - how hard would it be to create a Newton client to Evernote - I think the eMate at $30 on eBay these days would be a perfect "Evernote machine"
  10. Okay awesome thanks! I have a screenshot of the error - but it sounds like you guys found the problem and are working on a fix
  11. The only issue I have been seeing is that it locks up every now when returning to Evernote after working with a PDF in Preview. And the Evernote can't save SQL error shows up in a popup. It doesn't seem to effect anything but I just wish it was more stable and did not have to force quite Evernote once a day or more. Would starting from scratch toast my monthly usage? Thanks
  12. Would doing this with a library of over 500MB - cause the monthly usage to be wiped out so we have no space to add new content? I am also having this error on a semidaily basis
  13. I am hoping that Evernote can become my library for eBooks as well - please please implement some eBook friendly features soon !
  14. I am wondering if anyone has found a good downloadable dictionary that I could add to Evernote so that I could simply search in Evernote for definitions! Any other resources people have added? I would love this topic to open up to various resources that users add to Evernote to make Evernote a nice big database of useful searchable items. Tim
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