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howto change format of date and timestamp


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HI all, does anyone know if/how to make the alt+shft+D timestamp function create yyyymmdd hhmmss please?

If not is there another way to do it?

Or does anyone know of a clipboard manager with such a function



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Evernote uses the Windows "short date" and "short time" formats, concatenated to form the timestamp string. If you're willing to use that throughout Windows, you can change it yourself:

* Control Panel

* Clock, Language, and Region

* Change the date, time, or number format

* Additional Settings button

* Time tab: change the Short Time format to "hhmmss"

* Date tab: change the Short Date format to "yyymmdd"


You may need to restart Evernote before the change takes pace: do it using File / Exit.


If you're not willing to use these settings globally throughout Windows, you might look into a third-party program like AutoHotKey to do this. I'm prety sure that other users on the forum have done it.

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Well, if we are talking about change the date, time format in Windows, the below works for me.  You have to update the short date and time formats.  I made the change some time back and it has worked since.  If Phase Express, you can pretty much make the format what you want.



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