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Penultimate and a calendar



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I would love to see penultimate and a day planner merged together to give you an great business tool. Is there anything in the works?


Thanks for the suggestion. What did you have in mind?


Currently, you can create custom paper and use that as a template for new notes or pages in notes.




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   I would love to see a day planner that when you wanted to add a new task or calendar event or note, that when you clicked on the day and time that you could hand write the event with a stylus or your finger. It could either remain as a hand written item or be converted to text. That isn't important to me but for ease of use and quickness, I think handwriting instead of typing would make your electronic day planner feel more like a paper version and would be used more often. Thanks for asking.


Jim Flood

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Me too! I've searched for years to find a handwriting /appointment /agenda /planner type app. The closest thing I have found is a digital agenda called Planner from digital net. $50 for the download, too expensive but it's the only digital planner I have found with hyperlinks, meaning, if you touch a different month's tab, you jump to that page. If you touch one of the section tabs (customizable) you jump there. It needs work but I've looked (and paid for) way more apps than I want to remember in my search (Good Notes. Notify, Noteworthy, Penultimate with Evernote Premium, Agenda Pro to name only a few)  and it's the only interactive digital planner I found that allows handwriting AND also does more than just allow writing on top of pdfs.

I hoped to be able to write on Ever note templates but all I can do is attack a note. I want to write on the templates. (but Ever note still rocks!)

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