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  1. scripting tools for Mac? Please tell me where to find them! Duplicates are for me a nightmare! Thanks.
  2. another request to fix this problem Evernote, PLEASE!. On my MacBook, Reduce Transparency is greyed out. So that means another 20 minute search to solve another problem. Come on Evernote, it's bad enough that there's no support for duplicate items. I have to sort through thousands of documents and now I can't even see them?! ugh
  3. Me too! I've searched for years to find a handwriting /appointment /agenda /planner type app. The closest thing I have found is a digital agenda called Planner from digital net. $50 for the download, too expensive but it's the only digital planner I have found with hyperlinks, meaning, if you touch a different month's tab, you jump to that page. If you touch one of the section tabs (customizable) you jump there. It needs work but I've looked (and paid for) way more apps than I want to remember in my search (Good Notes. Notify, Noteworthy, Penultimate with Evernote Premium, Agenda Pro to name o
  4. Hello Jerome, I would love an app like that if I could select which notebooks. I've go so many documents in Evernote now that I'm overwhelmed trying to organize them. I'm thinking of opening a 2nd Evernote Premium account just for creative writing notes and notebooks (many are handwritten). I'd love to be able to export them so I can think creatively. My Evernote cabinet now is too cluttered to think period. .
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