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Searching multiple tags at the same time on iPad?

andrea in wisconsin


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It's not that you can't currently do it - it is just that it is so cumbersome using advanced search syntax: "tag:"the first tag" tag:"and the second tag""


I want to use tags to quickly narrow down the notes that I want to look at.  Pecking away at the search bar on a iPhone makes you want to throw the thing at the wall.


If I pick a tag to start with, it should present all of the tags that are also associated with those notes so I can refine the search criteria.  You could put them above the line, so you pull down to access them, or below the notes - but that is probably not great when you have many notes with the same tag.  If I pull down to view tags, then tap, it should show the filtered list of notes with the tags already visible.  Also show the note counts against each tag.

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I have found many posts on your forum asking for multiple tags selection to be facilitated on iOS. But I haven't seen a single comment from Evernote staffers saying when this is going to happen.
It used to happen. But it got taken away.
It's obviously a useful feature for many people – including me.
So it will be good to hear from Evernote firstly if they are doing their best to re-implement this feature. And secondly what is its position on their priority queue? This year? Next year? The year after?
I love Evernote and what you have done with it, so I am not just moaning :)  But I would very much appreciate an update on what you are doing to let us have back this feature – which is invaluable for many users. 
Thank you
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This is primarily a user forum - if you have a direct question about the software and would like a direct answer then the best bet is probably to open a support ticket. Given that Evernote very rarely discuss their roadmap I think it's unlikely you'll get much of a response but at least it may reduce your obvious angst.

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I am suggesting that we consolidate this request to get the votes up… I am suggesting mine because it already has a number of votes replies… The post is here, https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/88379-feature-request-improved-tag-functionality-for-ios/

This request keeps popping up but I believe it is getting ignored because it doesn’t get a critical mass of attention at any one moment, I’d like to see if we can get everyone on board to bring this up the list and to Evernote’s attention.

Thank you!

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