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  1. +1 I suspect the reason is the difficulty in getting arbitrary PDFs to display instantly on note load. Can I suggest creating a thumbnail of the first page and lower res thumbnails of the next few pages to tide the user over until the PDF has fully loaded? FWIW, iPad Mail displays single page PDFs inline. It is also really annoying to have to page through a PDF on Windows - I would much rather scroll up and down to see the pages (like Adobe Reader).
  2. It's not that you can't currently do it - it is just that it is so cumbersome using advanced search syntax: "tag:"the first tag" tag:"and the second tag"" I want to use tags to quickly narrow down the notes that I want to look at. Pecking away at the search bar on a iPhone makes you want to throw the thing at the wall. If I pick a tag to start with, it should present all of the tags that are also associated with those notes so I can refine the search criteria. You could put them above the line, so you pull down to access them, or below the notes - but that is probably not great when you have many notes with the same tag. If I pull down to view tags, then tap, it should show the filtered list of notes with the tags already visible. Also show the note counts against each tag.
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