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  1. This has been affecting me for over 6 months on IOS. Notes taking ages to load. New note taking 20 seconds to display. I can report that, instead of downloading all notebooks, but selecting my 2 main ones make the New Note request instant. Note display still very laggy. Malc
  2. Hi - my thing with EN is: "Keep It Simple". Recurring appointments are very much Outlook territory for me. I don't want a second solution for these: Outlook does the job well. Malc
  3. After crashing a few times on iOS, by next day it seemed back to normal again. I see they have a new version which I'm just upgrading to. Thanks for the new version, Evernote team Malc
  4. EN started crashing on my iPhone 7 Plus the other day. Now it crashes every time. Restarted phone - same result. I deleted the app and reinstalled. Opened app OK, created a note, hung for 30 seconds then crashed. Hmmh. I'm feeling I want to downgrade. Malc
  5. I'm sure your system is working for you: and you are open to change and will no doubt find changes that suit you! Yes, you are right: I am well in the habit of deleting the existing When tag LAST! After you've deleted it first and then have to hunt around for about 20 times, you get the hang if what order to do things in! haha. It's the same when changing Notebooks: if you are checking the To do Notebook and want to change some tags as well as changing the NB to Filing, you change the NB LAST. Still, that's only a habit (or two).... One reason I like ONE To do NB is that I can
  6. Surely, it takes a click to save in a particular Notebook, whereas if everything goes to To do NB that's one fewer clicks... Also I like a lot - having everything that needs sorting out in the To do NB. It's either a To do that needs a When tag: or a filed item that needs possible tagging plus moving to Filing NB. I think this is a Plus. Cheers:) Malc
  7. Hi MRU - First, I have (happily) not had a problem with tags synching. It's always worked hundred percent. That's not to say Evernote has always worked hundred percent: once I had to ask them transfer the whole caboodle to a completely new Evernote account - new email addy and everything – which they did, to get things working again. But that's the only issue I've ever had. As far as changing tags, you are right. To change a tag – for example from today to tomorrow (or in the secret weapon, from now to next) means you have to remove one tag and add another. On the iPhone this take
  8. Yes - I like that! On IOS if you keep the respective names short, you can see about 6 Tags and 6 Shortcuts on the Home Screen, if you select "Show Detail" in the options. Also, I hadn't found in EN documentation that you could create a Shortcut to a Saved Search. Being able to get to a bunch of Tags / Shortcuts /Saved Searches from the Home Screen is a good benefit. Thanks. M .
  9. Interesting. I haven't much use for shortcuts yet but I'll keep it in mind as you find it useful. .
  10. Hi >What is the difference in your ToDo notebook versus the Actions Pending I am talking about? It seems they are the same, you just call it Todo versus Actions Pending or Inbox. Yes, it sounds the same. However, it contains my current To dos - and that's all. So if I click on Today (= 1-Now) I can see all my Today tasks, without having to select a Notebook too, or a saved search, because once my Today task has been done, I remove the today tag. It seems that TSW doesn't do this - he just (in the vids at least) moves a completed 1-Now task to Completed, leaving the 1-Now tag on
  11. Hey there - I like simple. And my system, developed over 3 years (since realising I could use EN for time management - thanks braintoniq) is simple. So here you go: - I have 2 Notebooks, where almost all the notes I add during the day, go. - My default NB is To-do - I have a saved search I call the "Tidy Up Filter" - which is essential for my simple system. - I find "Actions Pending" to be a red herring - it creates extra work and I don't see a single benefit. - I rarely use "Completed". It's extra work. I almost always delete, or move to Filing. - I don't have "Inbox" because
  12. Hi JG [- been away for a while :| ] I'm gonna disagree with some - I don't have an "Inbox" Notebook in EN because that approach takes more time to manage. For me everything defaults to my To do Notebook. The reason that saves me time is that half the stuff I send to EN is actually a To do: so it will be in the right place already - I don't have to move it. So for my method to be better, I need to easily be able to identify anything sent to To-Do which is, actually, filing, and move it to Filing (and possibly tag it). This is easy - once or twice a day I run a filter (it's a saved search
  13. I think you are over-complicating it! To find all Notes tagged @Calls, simply click on the @Calls tag in the left pane. No search necessary - EN's built in filtering does the job in one click. Similarly, to filter by more than one tag - eg to find all Notes in the Filing Notebook (if you've got one of those) tagged with the tag "Project xyz", click the Filing Notebook, press Ctrl, and click the second tag, Project xyz. Then you are filtering by 2 tags - without having to create a saved search. This works with any number of tags if using a computer. Only if this starts becoming cumbersome, and
  14. TSW is IMO a great approach to GTD on Evernote. Many of the other approaches mentioned here to GTD on Evernote look promising, too. But, be warned. Evernote has many bugs/annoyances that can interfere with "delightful processing" and a smooth GTD experience. Search results are inconsistent, especially (but not exclusively) on phones/tablets in offline mode. The editor flakes out with formatting a lot. Rarely, notes disappear. Lately, EN has been rolling out new features which are interesting but not essential, meanwhile ignoring these long-standing bugs (all reported). Worse, lately they've
  15. Hi JG Wow - this thread has suddenly got enlivened - cool! To see my Today tasks is ridiculously easy - all I do is click on Today and there are my today tags. http://screencast.com/t/JMD6Fkbxx It's crazy easy! Not like old school time management systems... I hope that helps Malc
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