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background color change

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I have a serious long term eye disease that makes my eyes light sensitive. I have my mac running through my TV. It would be nice not to have to stare at acres of bright white scree!


Hmmn.  Not sure if any of this will help with Mac vs TV,  but see -


For his own use,  @RobertJSawyer created a style sheet for the Web (browser) version of Evernote that gets rid of most of the glaring white; https://userstyles.org/styles/110978/evernote-with-less-eyestrain


(If you use Firefox, install the Stylish add on, then install his stylesheet.)

He also suggested Pangolin Software's free PangoBright utility which lets you dim your screen easily:



This should be a simple problem for Evernote to correct  - themes and skins for user interfaces have been implemented in many other software packages for decades now, and require very little coding to accomplish.  It seems to have been a low/ no priority task for Evernote so far...


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Cheers, I'm using something similar, an extension for Chrome called Change Colors, that tints the background. I'm not keen on things that tint the whole screen because they tend to lower the blackness of the writing as well. Also I just discovered that you can change the colour of tables, so you can make use of that too (you could even make a note from one big table element like in the pic below). 


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Here's what I do....

If you're not afraid of editing HTML, you can use Chrome's Developer Tools to edit any of the html which makes up your notes.  When the note is saved, anything edited in the developer tools is treated as part of the saved note ...  Pretty cool.

In Chrome use the options drop down (Icon with 3 horizontal bars in the top right of the toolbar) and select "More Tools... -> Developer Tools".  Find the Tab called elements to show the pages HTML.  Use the pointer tool in the top left of the tab bar to "Select and element".  In this mode, hovering over an HTML element selects it's HTML in the Elements View.  Find a containing Div for the paragraph or header you want to set a background color to and this to the <div> tag : 


style="background-color: yellow;"

Your edited html should look like :


<div style="background-color: yellow;" >

This will change the color and persist. 

Be careful though as bad html CAN break you note.

With great power...

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