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  1. Well it's not ideal and they should fix it, but as a workaround it's pretty damn good. It only takes a couple of seconds to merge a new window. You could eve make a shortcut for it if you do it a lot.
  2. OMG you cracked it!
  3. Oh that's no good, you need to try having them as separate windows instead, just double click on the list of notes. I can have two side by side like that. Not for 6 obviously. I have my computer set so if I move the cursor to the corner, all windows are shown. Not as good as a fix, but better that 6 tabs all named the same.
  4. You can't open tabs in a note window. If I have a project, I have a notbook for it. Let's say it has 30 notes. I want wto work on a couple of them at the same time. I therefore want two tabs. I dont want the tabs to be labelled identically! It's STUPID.
  5. Come on Evernote, I just forked out for Premium and all my tabs have the same name! 20 months later.
  6. Evernote just deleted half my table and undo doesn't work. This app is useless, I'm done with it.
  7. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I don't know why.
  8. Thanks for the reply. 1. Doesn't seem to work in that as soon as I click in a box to start typing, the text colour changes. So every time I type I have to edit the text colour. Think I'll just have to do it en masse at the end of each row. Not the end of the world. 2. I can get rid of it by highlighting and unhighlighting once or twice, and then changing the background colour once or twice, and finally the text colour if needed. Lol. 4. I'm not too bothered about now as they have some pale colours as well, not sure if they just added these recently. 5. Last time I tried this I couldn't see the editing tools, same just now, but I rashly changed the whole table colour and now I can see them. Just have to change all the row colours I need different again now! Cheers.
  9. Dragging the mouse over the whole table is pretty much impossible if the table is huge. The colours are a set palate, not custom ones, which we used to be able to do.
  10. Mac. The tables see to have a mind of their own these days. I've found that some of the backgrounds around the text can be got rid of by highlighting and unhighlighting, and then changing the cell background and then changing the text colour which all seem to get messed up. The text seems to go white whenever I select the background these days.
  11. Tables are driving me mad at the moment. I can't get anything done because everything takes forever. My main problems are... 1. I have to select the text properties for EACH CELL!! Surely this can't be right? This is wasting hours! 2. I often get an ugly different coloured background around text that takes hours of faffing around to get rid of. 3. When I change the cell colour the writing colour changes. 4. There is no way to use custom background colour any more so I have to change all the font colour. 5. No way to select the whole table. Edit. I'll give an example that just happened. I changed the background colour of a row and the writing went white. Then I started typing in one of the columns in that row and the writing is now black! In this you can also see some examples of the ugly background around a couple of words in the rows above. Now if I change that to white, and start typing in the next box, again it goes black!
  12. If I type or paste a Japanese word in Evernote it looks ok, and if I then copy and paste that into a Japanese dictionary on the web it is recongnised. But if I search via a shortcut I made that uses Automator, it's layout gets messed up and the search does not work. This does not happen if I search for the word using the shortcut from a web page, only in Evernote. So the problem might be in Evernote. The automator uses a run shell script with open "https://www.japandict.com/?s=${@}" and for Jisho I use open "http://www.jisho.org/search/${@}" Jisho highlights the problem better. Here I have searched for ください from Evernote. As you can see, it's not recognised because the layout is messed up. The two dots of the だ have become separated.
  13. Got a new Mac Mini recently and the date format is working correctly on the web version of Evernote.
  14. Cheers, I'm using something similar, an extension for Chrome called Change Colors, that tints the background. I'm not keen on things that tint the whole screen because they tend to lower the blackness of the writing as well. Also I just discovered that you can change the colour of tables, so you can make use of that too (you could even make a note from one big table element like in the pic below).
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