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Work Chat 1.5 - Feature requests *NOT for users who hate or don't use work chat

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***Forum users - Only post in this Work Chat thread if you have insightful commentary, use-case praise/notes/constructive criticism.  The goal is to lift Work Chat up to the next level by collecting user-conceived feature requests & ideas.


My feature requests -


-I want to see Delivered/Received confirmations once I send someone a work chat message... think iMessage / BBM on blackberry.  


-I'd like the option to receive an iPhone home screen notification once a recipient opens the work chat message I sent them.  


-I want an incoming chat's note attachment to be auto-saved to a notebook I pre-assign.  So, I can pre-designate the specific notebook for a given sender's note attachments to be saved to.  EX: Opening a note attachment from Ed via work chat auto-saves the note in my "ED" notebook, while opening a separate chat's note attachment from Barbara auto-saves the note in my "Reality Show Concepts" notebook.


Please voice your feature requests.  Even if you posted on the other thread already, feel free to repeat yourselves here to centralize it all in a new thread w/o all the 'i hate work chat' banter clouding things up.

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Just a suggestion to threadstarter.... You made too many suggestions in one thread... And included it as the thread topic.. Which weakens this thread considerably... So I am not going to comment on your suggestions but rather list mine...



I want to see ability to rename work chats with topic of discussion.


I want delivered/recieved confirmations - I would go a step further... - I would like to see notification style windows whereby users are alerted to join a note/notebook... They are prompted to join or not join... when they Join I want a notification that they did join.... IF they chose not to join... They can still browse their notification history.. to join at a later stage if they like, however without having to find what CHAT the invite request was in... This is impractical I think.

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@lykoz - there's no rule against adding multiple suggestions to a single topic; it doesn't "weaken" the topic at all. It's ok to cherry-pick them when replying (i.e. only reply to the suggestions that you wish to reply to, and ignore the rest). You can quote/reply selectively using the forum BBCode mode.

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@lykoz - there's no rule against adding multiple suggestions to a single topic; it doesn't "weaken" the topic at all. It's ok to cherry-pick them when replying (i.e. only reply to the suggestions that you wish to reply to, and ignore the rest). You can quote/reply selectively using the forum BBCode mode.


Did not say there was a rule against it... It was just a suggestion to thread starter about this specific thread so that he can attract more comments... (He had none other than mine)


Just said it weakened this thread (Not generically all threads). You did not see this particular thread before the edit... It was an essay style thread, with many many suggestions as the first post, some hard to follow. Its hard to keep something in context when you cant draw from first post to explain topic of thread.


The fact is most people do not reply to such threads. It helps if first post is neat, concise, clear and longer posts follow thereafter (To draw in comments).  The fact that nobody replied since 16th Jan other than me somewhat confirms this.


The Thread starter edited the thread (he says fixed in next comment) and agreed with my observation of this specific thread, so lets get back to the topic.


The thread is much neater now, and may hopefully attract more replies  :)


Hope you have some feedback about workchat. 

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I really like the concept of Chat but I am unable to understand why we can't simply save a "chat" as a note. This is a  simple function that can eliminate emails, text messages and other forms of communication that are not needed (redundant). It would increase the value of chats. It provides a badly needed "project management" feature for groups.


Come on Evernote, let's push this feature a bit more than you have already.

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Hi Michael,


Thanks for the feedback.  Would you be interested in saving a few messages or the whole chat itself?   I think the more common case would be selecting the last few messages to save but wanted to hear about your use case as well.



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I think saving the entire chat would be easiest to implement. As with all notes, we could edit the chat for brevity.

In addition, I would also like the ability to "freeze" a conversation so that both parties would have a trusted record of the chat.

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Can I pick up this old thread? I was looking for a way to save Work Chats as a note, so am happy to endorse Michael's suggestion for this becoming a feature (button/menu item). I agree that the whole conversation should be the default behaviour, including the links to shared notes.


We are just beginning to use Work Chat as a way to collaboratively interact with data and analyses, though it took us a little while to find it. We used to use Hojoki, until it sadly closed down. That was a very powerful tool for our collaborations. We could use Evernote for ideas and analyses and could also link in alerts for code change on BitBucket (code repository) and changes to shared Dropbox items etc.. I realise that this is quite a leap from where Work Chat is right now but just to flag up that a centralised way to integrate and organise collaborative resources is very useful when you are working on numerous projects.



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Thanks for the feedback.  We are looking at ways to allow you to better curate your shared notes first and I will add saving the chat thread / some section of messages as a feature on the roadmap.  

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