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  1. Thanks everyone for your comments. I do not want to invest in an expensive scanner only to find out they are phasing it out or no longer making the software. With Evernote, we have had reasons to doubt the future of some products. The link from the Evernote website for the Evernote Scanner (on Fujitsu's website) currently has an error.
  2. Hello, I highly recommend Sunrise as my calendar of choice as it is the only calendar that allows you to see Evernote notes/events as well as personal schedules in the calendar interface. It supports iOS and Mac but you can use it on a browser for Windows. This is a very useful tool for Evernote users! I love it. I would go as far to say that Sunrise is the missing piece for Evernote as a complete productivity tool. https://www.sunrise.am
  3. Hello Lain71, Thanks for sharing this with the community as I could not find it on the iPhone or Evernote knowledgebase. I too would like the devs to make it a shortcut so that it can feel more like a true mobile "reminder" solution. Michael
  4. Oh what I wouldn't do for a helpdesk app that uses Evernote as it's core

  5. Everyone, With the launch of Samsung's Note 2, it would appear there is a market for a note taking application on smartphones/tablets using stylus devices. Yes, Steve Jobs may have been wrong about something. While there are other apps for writing and drawing available, Evernote does not have a simple handwriting application integrated in the existing clients. My argument is that Evernote has every method of data entry (voice, email, clipper, text, etc) but NO handwriting in the core application. This to me is the essential "note taking" solution and I would challenge our Evernote developers to create a simple note taking feature within Evernote for all platforms. Handwriting is the "last mile" for note taking and becoming increasingly possible on all platforms. Remember that Palm (and others) developed this technology more than ten years ago and it worked well enough. Samsung has brought the stylus back in vogue and it's time that Evernote accepts the challenge (and its a big one) of handwriting in the Evernote client.
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