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  1. Thanks everyone for your comments. I do not want to invest in an expensive scanner only to find out they are phasing it out or no longer making the software. With Evernote, we have had reasons to doubt the future of some products. The link from the Evernote website for the Evernote Scanner (on Fujitsu's website) currently has an error.
  2. Hello, I think saving the entire chat would be easiest to implement. As with all notes, we could edit the chat for brevity. In addition, I would also like the ability to "freeze" a conversation so that both parties would have a trusted record of the chat.
  3. I really like the concept of Chat but I am unable to understand why we can't simply save a "chat" as a note. This is a simple function that can eliminate emails, text messages and other forms of communication that are not needed (redundant). It would increase the value of chats. It provides a badly needed "project management" feature for groups. Come on Evernote, let's push this feature a bit more than you have already.
  4. Why the folks at Evernote did not create a "dark color theme" as an option with the default "blinding white theme" is beyond me. It's on iOS with three options: Classic, Light and Dark. Please Evernote......give us these three options ASAP.
  5. Hello, I highly recommend Sunrise as my calendar of choice as it is the only calendar that allows you to see Evernote notes/events as well as personal schedules in the calendar interface. It supports iOS and Mac but you can use it on a browser for Windows. This is a very useful tool for Evernote users! I love it. I would go as far to say that Sunrise is the missing piece for Evernote as a complete productivity tool. https://www.sunrise.am
  6. Hello Lain71, Thanks for sharing this with the community as I could not find it on the iPhone or Evernote knowledgebase. I too would like the devs to make it a shortcut so that it can feel more like a true mobile "reminder" solution. Michael
  7. Hi Evernote Friends, Does anyone know of a helpdesk** system (either application or web service) that uses Evernote as the primary interface for customer responses and knowledge base? I am aware there are many Evernote integrations into helpdesk software but I'm not interested in that. I'd like to use Evernote as my primary database of responses, solutions, questions, etc. Thanks for any insight or information. Michael Potter Pigeon, Michigan --------------------- **A help desk is a resource intended to provide the customer or end user with information and support related to a company's or institution's products and services. The purpose of a help desk is usually to troubleshoot problems or provide guidance about products such as computers, electronic equipment, food, apparel, or software. Corporations usually provide help desk support to their customers through various channels such as toll-free numbers, websites, instant messaging, or email. There are also in-house help desks designed to provide assistance to employees. from Wikipedia, reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Help_desk
  8. I'm happy to announce that Evernote has granted the feature I asked for in the Quick Note functionality. The menu bar shortcut is a wonderful addition and really meets all my needs - most importantly, not having to interface with the full app to add notes. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this stream - for your suggestions, solutions and interest.
  9. Everyone, With the launch of Samsung's Note 2, it would appear there is a market for a note taking application on smartphones/tablets using stylus devices. Yes, Steve Jobs may have been wrong about something. While there are other apps for writing and drawing available, Evernote does not have a simple handwriting application integrated in the existing clients. My argument is that Evernote has every method of data entry (voice, email, clipper, text, etc) but NO handwriting in the core application. This to me is the essential "note taking" solution and I would challenge our Evernote developers to create a simple note taking feature within Evernote for all platforms. Handwriting is the "last mile" for note taking and becoming increasingly possible on all platforms. Remember that Palm (and others) developed this technology more than ten years ago and it worked well enough. Samsung has brought the stylus back in vogue and it's time that Evernote accepts the challenge (and its a big one) of handwriting in the Evernote client.
  10. Hello Dominikweber, I did try the Sticky Notes for Evernote on Windows but it seems like they have stopped working on it. Maybe I really don't want a sticky note application on my Mac that imports to Evernote. Maybe I just need to find a text editor that has a nice export to Evernote. Thanks for your kind help! Michael
  11. Thanks Peter for your recommendation of Notational Velocity. I'll try it (because I love apps!) and see if I can improve my workflow using the copy/paste commands. Really appreciate your input! -Michael
  12. Hello GrumpyMonkey, Thanks for your great feedback. I'll try each of your suggestions today and see if I can't get away from using other apps when working. If I can use a keyboard command on my Mac to "summon" Evernote when I need it, then I'd be happy. It looks like Command+M quickly minimizes my Evernote screen but I'm still looking for a command to "summon" Evernote (opened in the background). I appreciate your help! Michael
  13. Yes Dean, that's really what I'm looking for in Evernote. While I can't work without Evernote on either platform, I do wish to have the simplicity and distraction free environment of a text editor (or sticky note). I do realize this is a minor issue (just use the Evernote app!) but maybe Evernote could create a pop-up companion that serves as a quick and dirty input box (much like OmniFocus does with their quick entry shortcut). I know this would allow me to keep working in any application and avoid changing screens to access Evernote. Thanks! Michael
  14. Hi Megsaint, Yes I knew about the clipper solution (thank you for your kind reminder) . While this is useful, I find a text editor or sticky note application to be more effective in most cases. I really like applications with very low overhead, fast loading/saving and non-distracting UI (btw...the Evernote app is fine...it's all the other content in my Evernote that is distracting to me). It would seem counterproductive to launch a second application (like Sticky Notes) when you can capture directly to Evernote. However, I do the same thing when formulating email messages. Why would a person do this when they can simply "write" inside the email application (you're asking)?? I think my workflow needs independence with distraction free UI. If I type an email and not finish it, I tend to delete it rather than making a bunch of drafts. Again, I tend to get distracted by all the email messages in the application when I write. I hope this makes some sense....thanks for your kind response. Michael
  15. Hi Dean, Sorry to be confusing. I often use a simple text editor or sticky program on my Mac to take quick notes instead of opening Evernote. What appeals is the low overhead and fast load times of the text editor or sticky note solution. I see that there is the Sticky Note solution for Windows users (I just installed that on my Windows 7 virtual OS on my Mac - it works great!!). I would love to see a native Sticky Note app for the Mac OS 10.7 that had similar features. I'm sure my issue might be minor.... but an application (like Text Editor or Sticky) with low overhead and fast speed is important to my productivity. My Evernote takes a few seconds to load, sync and can be distracting in terms of UI. If Evernote had a companion sticky app, I would get all the benefits of the program and the fast writing I need when working. Thanks for your replies! Michael
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