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Creating New Notebook

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Coincidentally I saw the same thing today when out of curiosity I was testing the note size limit for Local Notebooks...


On Windows desktop you will now find the Local Notebook creation option under File > New Notebook > New Local Notebook

  • (In the uppermost toolbar)
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Thanks for your response. Why do people have to keep messing with stuff that works fine? 


At the very least, what would be convenient is if with new versions they outlined every tiny change made in the release notes - not only bug fixes and new features rolled out - also the features rolled back and/ or moved. Usually we have to go hunting for those to find them elsewhere or in some cases find we no longer have the option. It doesn't seem that hard to include in the release notes changes of this topic's sort. It is quite a PITA. I've suggested this a number of times here in the forums. 

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