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(Archived) Kissing up to engberg

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I have to point out that the responsiveness of Evernote in the guise of Dave Engberg is truly remarkable. As an early adopter type I often have to depend on the kindness of others through user forums like this. Most (Amazon, Livescribe, Archos, I'm talking about you...) have useless or no official presence online. Here Dave responds quickly and effectively and is always helpful. He even says no occasionally ("No, we have no plan to implement that feature.") which is so refreshing. I think one feature of a great product is great support and clearly EN has that in Dave Engberg. I sometimes suspect there is a team of engberg's...

Thanks, end of the kissing up.


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I have to third this. You'll also notice Dave posted some replies on Christmas Eve & Christmas Day. I know not everyone celebrates Christmas, but if he does, it's amazing that he took time to do that.

I'm normally not an early adopter, but am currently involved in some beta testing for EN. And I know the dev team was working hard over the long Christmas weekend.

The two times I've opened support inquiries, I've received prompt (within an hour, during normal business hours, plus I'm a premium user), helpful replies.

Cheers to the EN team!!!

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One year, when my in-laws were still alive, my husband did that. Had to provide support for a Jewish client who was working on Christmas day, back in the day when you had to go on site to do support. For some reason, his non-tech sister went too. I got stuck with the parents & parents-in-law.

That was many years ago & I'm smarter now.

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