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  1. Yep. VoodooPad encrypts its database and syncs through Dropbox. So does DEVONthink. So does nvALT. This would be great for me. Any suggestions for Windows apps that do this?
  2. Even worse they are not doing it outside the product! Even when I'm not using Evernote I get this huge popup in Windows nagging me to start a work chat. It's masically malware.
  3. uninstalled and reinstalled yesterday morning. Still had numerous freezes - for multiple minutes each - throughout the rest of the day yesterday and today. I have Symantec/Norton Antivirus with some of the realtime features turned off, Windows 7, Office 2013 with Outlook running all the time. I do have a plethora of experimental browsers installed but as they are not running in the background I don't know how that could be the issue. I have had the freezes regardless what browser I'm using, including Chrome, IE, and (currently) Opera.
  4. I have posted about this in another thread (search for "not responding") but wanted to chime in here that I have the same issue. EN Windows stops responding repeatedly throughout the day -- like LF said, usually when I really need to take a note with it. Generally it's when a client or supervisor is talking really fast on the phone expecting me to get something down, and I try to type in evernote and get a spinning cursor. So then I find a pen on my desk and use pen and paper. Isn't that was EN was supposed to replace in the first place? Wasn't it at one time about note taking? Not anymore -- it is completely and utterly unreliable for that purpose. I have rebuilt the database. I've uninstalled and reinstalled. I've upgraded. Nothing helps. I, too, can't believe EN is totally ignoring this problem (if they weren't ignoring it they'd be reaching out to those of us who can reproduce the issue, and they are not). But apparently their business model is about being some kind of business platform now, so notetaking is no longer important. Back to pen and paper.
  5. I've tried to use Rightnote a few times. It is not, AFAIK, available for any platform but windows. You can sync Evernote notes to a RightNote file, though, and in that way use RightNote as your Windows client while using EN on iOS. I did that with one project for a while. But the sync is not continuously updated when you change a note, so you have to remember to sync your file when done. Also, something about the interface just never worked perfectly for me. Also, it doesn't search within attached files like EN does, but if you only need to search the text of notes, the search is lightning fast.
  6. I have optimized my database and I am on the latest update. But I still have this "Evernote (not responding)" problem. Most often at the least convenient time, i.e. when someone on the phone is talking fast and expecting me to take everything down. I'm adding to this thread again today because it just happened to me again. In the middle of an important call. Luckily I had pen and paper nearby. Like others, I should probably switch to Notepad for actual note taking. Evernote is more of a filing cabinet, not a note taking solution -- because it is completely and utterly unreliable for that purpose.
  7. jbenson, do you have any response from your escalated support request from last week? It sounds like you have gotten further than most people so it would be great to hear what comes of it. This problem has been driving me crazy for months now and basically makes evernote windows useless for note taking (I can mostly use EN/Web or EN/ios instead).
  8. Just had to reply to this again because at least I can type in this forum - perhaps I should use this for notetaking rather than the evernote windows app. At least the forum allows me to type!! I just was in an important meeting and needed to take a note as to what someone was saying and EN Win was "not responding" for at least 3-4 minutes during which time I missed substantial portions of what needed to be recorded. It is totally unbelievable and ridiculous that a windows app is *less responsive* than a web page! An internet site is faster than a client application - by multiple minutes! I still use EN because of all its other benefits but this just indicates some amazingly sloppy programming and shows that EN is not testing their windows app thoroughly (or not fixing bugs). They could simply provide a client interface to EN/Web and provide a much, much more responsive program than they currently have.
  9. Once again, today, I had an important meeting starting and no way to use EN because of "not responding." So once again I used Windows Notepad. I would think EN staff would actually care about this given that the whole point of the product was to provide a better way to store notes like this -- better than notepad at least. But as of now, notepad is the only possible choice. So sad. Also, I wish the web was a possibility but I use EN a lot where there is no internet - while traveling, on planes, in random coffee shops where I don't want to pay for internet, etc. So having a Windows app is pretty much the whole point for me. I wonder if there is an ios emulator for Windows that we could use to run the ios app on windows?
  10. Good luck getting a useful response from support. EN support is trained to do a 3-step process for every possible issue: 1) demand your logs; 2) tell you to re-install; 3) say it must be a problem with your system. Basically they just look things up in the same Knowledgebase that you and I can access on the web. So if your problem is not solved in the knowledgebase, it won't be solved by EN support.
  11. I am also having this problem, may times during the day. It is particularly annoying when I get a phone call and really need to take notes of what I'm being told on the call and cannot access EN. Today I actually fired up MS Word (!) of all things to take notes that I could later paste into EN when EN decided to respond again. Amazingly Word was faster to use than EN. That's like saying Amtrak was faster than your airplane. Yikes. One theory I have is that this seems to always occur while the Outlook icon in the taskbar shows Outlook is syncing messages. Given EN's painful dependency on IE I would not be surprised if it also has some unnecessary reliance on an Outlook/MAPI API that cannot return until Outlook is responsive. Also, the last time it happened I looked at the activity log and it shows: 15:51:08 [23748] 100% * sent: 1.5KB, received: 366B15:51:08 [23748] 100% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s115:51:08 [23748] 100% Session terminated normally, elapsed time: 0s15:51:08 [13984] Client synchronization finished, status: complete15:51:08 [13984] * 1 item sent 15:51:08 [13984] * elapsed time: 3m 48sSo - a sync that lasted 3:48 minutes! To sync 1 note that's 1.5KB! That shows 2 things: 1. The UI is still freezing during syncs. WHY? Get a book on multi-threading, guys! 2. Something can cause a 1k sync to last 3 minutes! Why? Again, I suspect an errant MAPI/Outlook call that is not multithreaded. I'm on Win 7, EN Win, Outlook 10, very fast internet connection (during the middle of the 3+ minute freeze my resource monitor showed NO network activity).
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