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  1. Same problem here. EN Windows v. 5.8.15. If I attach an mp3 file to a note, the mp3 attachment promptly disappears. If I view the same note on IOS, the attachment is there, but on Windows it is not visible. In Windows the note information tells me there are "no attachements" to the note.
  2. Yep. VoodooPad encrypts its database and syncs through Dropbox. So does DEVONthink. So does nvALT. This would be great for me. Any suggestions for Windows apps that do this?
  3. There's likely a little "X" in the corner. Dismissing it should dismiss it permanently (well, until the next time you do a fresh Evernote install, should you ever need to do so). Or click "try it" and don't actually do anything. (Haven't seen these popups, or they are different on Mac). There is no "X" in the corner. This thing seems to appear at least once a day and it freezes my computer for 2-3 minutes before it finally lets me click the "later" button --- which is the only option for getting rid of the advertisement. Also, ironically, EN will not operate until you click "later." For instance, I wanted to use EN to take a screen clip of the advertisement and could not because EN is frozen until you deal with Work Chat. Apparently advertising work chat is a higher priority for Evernote than any other feature of its software, which becomes disabled in order to make their ad even more aggressive. Truly a bad sign for a company if they are this desparate to force a feature down our throats. This ad appears even when I am not using evernote so it is the first example I'm aware of where EN is actively pushing ads onto my Windows machine without my consent and disrupting other programs and windows itself. I've never experienced any software that was not considered malware that actively displayed ads even when not using the software -- it's absolutely ourageous. Apparently the only way to get rid of it is to uninstall Evernote.
  4. Even worse they are not doing it outside the product! Even when I'm not using Evernote I get this huge popup in Windows nagging me to start a work chat. It's masically malware.
  5. But if the product contains all the code for the business features -- even if they are hidden -- then performance will suffer (as it does) for no reason. I don't need EN checking in the background to see if someone wants to chat with me. I don't need it checking my notebooks to see if they are shared with others. All of those things degrade performance, and it shows. Also, and more importantly, the focus on these business features carries the risk that nobody at EN is thinking about the user experience of us personal notetaker users. That's why I like the idea of a separate edition - to create and maintain that focus.
  6. And with 100 million+ users, how many combinations of desired vs undesired features are there, leading to X editions (solve for X)? If you're trying to keep things sane for the developers *and* the users, you don't give users a pick one from column A, one from column B, up through column Z. You limit the number of editions to a very small number, and let users use what they want (and hopefully give them the ability to hide things they don't want to see, obviously a sore point for some users with Evernote and Context and/or Work Chat and/or Presentations etc). Is there an MS Word Edition for Tech Writers, one for function writers, and so on? I don't think so. There are already 3 versions. I'm asking for 1 more that doesn't come with the baggage of the business sharing features. As far as I'm concerned, the current product is already a personal edition; I find that it's pretty well suited for personal use, because that's most of my use case (I do some notebook sharing between my work and personal accounts, but that's mainly for convenience -- there's nothing stopping me from having my work account resident on my home computer as well). So sure, there's a case to be made, but how persuasive is it really, to the folks who do the math on development direction and goals. I'm betting that they see the current Evernote as a personal product, too, despite their recent emphasis on business use. \ I'm betting that: (a) most users agree with you (and me): they only want EN to be a personal, cloud-syncing, multi-OS notetaking solution; and ( EN leadership is extremely dissatisfied with that vision. They are flush with cash and investors and they have to prove they are a lot more than a $100 mil / year subscription service. They want to prove they can be Oracle or Salesforce, and that's the market they are gunning for. As personal users, we are being left behind as attested to by the many posts I cited above. So I disagree that EN shares the vision of EN as a personal notetaking solution. That's why I truly think it would be useful for them to create a separate product with a very small group of developers dedicated to perfecting or at least preserving EN for personal users.
  7. As far as the "right" set of features: this is why you have different editions. One for one set of people one for another. Also, successful software companies don't deliver features because users ask for them -- they test features to see which ones users will acutally like and use and will pay for, which is often different than what users think they want. I'm sure that's what EN does. But there is clearly a business case for personal. They touted a million paid users of EN 3 or maybe 4 a few years back, at $50 per year each. For a product that basically didn't need more development - just pay for the servers. That sounds like a business to me. Finally, notepad doesn't work because I need ios too. But there are alternatives, like Nimbus and even workflowy. I'm weighing my options but it would be a lot nicer and easier if EN would just take my suggestion
  8. I have happliy paid $50 a year for purely personal features and would continue to do so. Everhelper's EN clone, Nimbus Notes, is $4.99 a month and I would jump to in in an instant if I could be sure it would still be around in a couple years. It appears to much faster on all platforms and appears to have what I need. Caveat: I haven't used it heavily for any period of time so I can't speak to its performance in real-world use conditions.
  9. I stand corrected on Business pricing. As to why I care, https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/66103-power-user-discontent-best-alternatives-to-en/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/64464-evernote-for-windows-desktop-is-sooo-so-slow/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/55684-windows-client-getting-slower/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/59784-evernote-is-slow/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/64973-evernote-slow/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/32541-regular-screen-freezes-not-responding/page-3 https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/61178-evernote-keeps-freezing/ https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/63435-freezes-briefly-when-i-type-search-term/ I need a notetaking solution that I can launch immediately when I get a call, and start taking notes. Not something that freezes or fails to launch until the call is over. I need a solution that allows me to take notes in a meeting and doesn't suddenly freeze or pop up some ridiculous popups in the middle of my typing so I miss half of what is said. And I need a solution that I can search on the fly - fast - so I can produce an answer to a question while talking to people, rather than 20 minutes later. Evernote used to be that system. Now it is some kind of chat app.
  10. Presence? Work Chat? Shared Notes? Evernote business? Context? Why is my simple, personal note-taking solution getting bloated with all of these features that are totally irrelevant to me? I started using EN in 2007 to keep my notes and web research on multiple machines, synced through the cloud, and I have never wanted to use it any differently. I can't imagine ever using it with another person, let alone as yet one more chat platform! How many chat platforms do we need? Worse, I pay the same as someone using all those features! In fact I probably pay more than a single seat in an EN business license. It's time for an Evernote Personal Edition; for me and everyone else who wants a personal notetaking solution that syncs to the cloud. If EN doesn't do it, then they are a prime target for a disruptive solution that sweeps in with simpler software to take all of EN's non-business users, like me. Ironic: EN started as a somewhat disruptive solution because MS Word was too bloated to start up fast and take notes. And now EN is the slow bloated solution ripe for disruption. I hope they bring on the Personal Edition soon.
  11. Cannot like this enough. As a company En seems to think it is too cool for QA. Anything they cobble together must be golden because they are so awesome. Someday they will wake up and realize they were dealing with real people running many different versions of iOS on all kinds of devices who nevertheless who apps that actually function. Many companies can make that happen but it takes a lot of work. EN is above that kind of effort.
  12. uninstalled and reinstalled yesterday morning. Still had numerous freezes - for multiple minutes each - throughout the rest of the day yesterday and today. I have Symantec/Norton Antivirus with some of the realtime features turned off, Windows 7, Office 2013 with Outlook running all the time. I do have a plethora of experimental browsers installed but as they are not running in the background I don't know how that could be the issue. I have had the freezes regardless what browser I'm using, including Chrome, IE, and (currently) Opera.
  13. Sync problems here too. EN windows v. 5.6.4632. A few notes that are on my ipad and appear in the EN web version do not show up in windows. Sync says it is successful but at least 2 notes are not there. Equally disturbing, EN win says it has 10,410 notes, but EN web says it has 10,409, even though EN web has at least 2 notes that are missing from EN win. (So win should show 2 less than web, rather than 1 more, which means en win has at least 3 notes that don't exist on the web version. Which means if I uninstall EN win and rebuild by database from scratch from the web, I will lose these 3 notes which, of course, I have no way of identifying.
  14. I have been through uninstall / reinstall (in fact I have been through a complete machine change recently) and a database rebuild. Regarding support requests, I hope, Gazumped, that you are not seriously recommending that anybody use EN support. I have tried them many times over the 10 years I've been using EN now and ever since the old days when support was handled by that one guy whose name I forget who used to be some kind of development lead, it has been totally useless. It follows an unvarying and predictable pattern: - send us your logs - uninstall and reinstall - we will flag this as an issue for the developers. If only it was that quick, it would be fine but it usually takes weeks of back and forth to get to step 3. And lately, step 1 is impossible because my log is generallymiles long and they won't accept anything less than the whole thing. I can't spend the time to redact the whole thing. I tell them that I'll send just the pertinent part (like the part I posted above) and they send an email saying since I won't send the full log they're closing my ticket.
  15. Yes, reports of EN/Win "not responding" are getting tiresome but EN is not addressing it and it's getting worse, as I experienced today. 8 minutes waiting for EN to start up before I could use it with "not responding" in the title bar the whole time.. Here is the log - you can see that most of the 8 minutes is just starting the application itself (from 1:01:53 to 11:06:11), with no indication of whatever else is occurring during that time: 11:01:53 [73152] Command line: "C:\Program Files\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe" 11:01:53 [73152] Client info: Evernote Windows/272632; Windows/6.1.7601 Service Pack 1;11:01:53 [73152] Bootstrap info: Evernote (loadedLastUsed)11:06:11 [73152] Bootstrap info: Evernote (loadedDatabase)11:06:11 [73152] Loaded session count: 0, last session: (none)11:06:24 [73152] Opened database: C:[redacted] (4.9GB Fixed)11:06:24 [73152] * note attributes table rebuilt11:06:24 [73152] * resource attributes table rebuilt11:06:24 [69760] Import folder: [redacted]11:07:05 [7960] Client synchronization started11:07:06 [71060] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s111:07:07 [71060] 0% Loaded updateCount: 8656411:07:21 [73152] Registered session count: 1, last session: 2014/09/16 11:00:0011:07:23 [71060] 0% Usage Metrics: sessionCount=011:07:23 [71060] 0% Client updateCount: 86564, server updateCount: 8657211:07:23 [71060] 0% Retrieving list of changes from the server11:07:23 [71060] 0% * saved 1 sync chunks, updateCount=8657211:07:23 [71060] 0% Receiving changes11:07:23 [71060] 0% * expunge 0 notebooks, 0 notes, 0 tags, 0 searches, 0 linked notebooks11:07:23 [71060] 0% * update 0 notebooks, 3 notes, 0 resources, 0 tags, 0 searches, 0 linked notebooks11:07:24 [73756] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s111:07:24 [73756] 0% Retrieving 3 notes11:07:24 [73756] 0% Retrieving note [redacted]11:07:24 [73756] 0% * guid={364788b0-7615-4b19-8508-f34ec262c035}11:07:24 [73756] 0% * note content, length=100211:07:24 [73756] 33% Retrieving note [redacted]11:07:24 [73756] 33% * guid={e94450bf-4f8e-4a18-a3a4-3a8c23dc065b}11:07:24 [73756] 67% Retrieving note [redacted]11:07:24 [73756] 67% * guid={faee320a-0b89-45c3-81ad-d5da97460839}11:07:24 [73756] 67% * note content, length=21911:07:24 [73756] 100% Submitting a batch of 2 note calls, size=3.6KB11:07:25 [73776] 100% Updating local note [redacted], resource count: 0, usn=8657211:07:25 [73776] 100% * guid={364788B0-7615-4B19-8508-F34EC262C035}11:07:26 [73776] 100% Creating local note [redacted], resource count: 0, usn=8657111:07:26 [73776] 100% * guid={FAEE320A-0B89-45C3-81AD-D5DA97460839}11:09:35 [7960] Client synchronization finished, status: complete11:09:35 [7960] * 2 items received11:09:35 [7960] * elapsed time: 2m 30s What other Windows application takes 8 minutes to start on a basically new machine with 6 GB ram? It's like I'm trying to load a program from a cassette tape drive on my TRS-80. And I pay $50/year for this! As a comparison, I just paid $99 for one year's use of Office365, which includes not only OneNote but Word, Excel, and Powerpoint - and I can share them with my family and install on 5 devices! And get this: I can load any of those office programs in less than a minute.
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