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  1. Business card capture is working well in latest release. One issue...it seems to default everything to "Home" vs. "Work". The phone goes in as "Home" phone, address goes in as "Home". Business cards are typically "Work" information. I would like to see EN change this default in an update. Hugh
  2. The search is not the best, but in some cases (like this one), it's very useful. 250 notebooks.jpg Please elaborate. Pretty much every (every?) evangelist has things they wish EN would do. If you're such an unhappy user, perhaps EN is not the app for you. Nothing worse than staying with an app that doesn't work for you & that you feel the need to constantly/regularly complain about. (shrug) Not true... if you are unhappy with a feature in an otherwise wonderful program this seems like the best place to voice your concerns. I also think that just because an issue was discussed some months ago and the conversation ended, I do not consider the issue resolved. Since EN does not make official announcements about features (understandable) they have to put up with ongoing complaints. My comment about the evangelists expresses my concern that people who admit they do not officially speak for EN and who have their own points of view about how the program should be used could cause new users to limit their complaints about EN. EN needs to hear these comments even if they have heard them before. I LOVE this program and that is why my posts over the years have included concerns or suggestions to make a great program better. Hugh
  3. The search function is only your friend if you are willing to quietly accept the limitations of the program. I agree that the 250 notebook limit is too low. I also think it is made worse by the fact that (at least on the Mac & iOS versions) there is no way to know your current notebook/stack count. EN also does not notify you of exceeding the limit when syncing and simply does not sync notes that exceed the limit. So even if you find a very thorough discussion of an issue, you should still make your voice heard or Evernote will think we are all as happy as the evangelists... Hugh
  4. Yes, you could put it like that, but that somewhat misses the point, which was that EN used to be my number one go to, use multiple times daily, every day application across multiple platforms. It was ONLY, and I mean only, the inability to create a stable iPad app (at a time when I could only use the iPad to access my data) that I realised the shortcomings, which caused me to look for alternatives to what was my favourite all time application. In summary, the company is driving away customers (it's not just me) because of this, and many other problems. I always look for posts like yours because I to am frustrated by the ipad version of EN (although it has recently approved dramatically) and I am always looking for an alternate for EN. I was disappointed with your comments since you are saying that you can live without EN because NVAlt meets your needs. If that is true than your past use of EN was like killing a mouse with a sledge hammer. I certainly understand being disappointed with EN, in particular the ipad version, but I am just not understanding what the point of your post is. I look forward to hearing your suggestions on organizing and accessing all of those pdfs as you move beyond EN. Hugh
  5. Nope, same flow for pdfs. You will see a thumbnail but if you click on it you will get a screen with just the title of the pdf. You then have to click on that and it will open in the (very nice, new) pdf viewer. I just don't get this. I can think of no reason for clicking on a pdf note other than to look at it. It can't be a speed question since I have to click twice to get to to see the pdf. If there is a way, I hope EN implements inline viewing on the iPad. Besides this will give us a chance to complain about the slow opening time (we're never happy...) Hugh
  6. You can reset your password to the same password as always. This may be a bad idea for some but you do not have to CHANGE it, just reenter it. Hugh
  7. Wanted to resurrect this discussion for emphasis. The opening and closing of pdfs on an ipad is really annoying. It takes four clicks (two to open & two to close) a pdf in the ipad version. Please give us an inline view The good news for me is that I am running out of things to complain about in the ipad version. I am down to two big ones; opening pdf's and the ridiculous and gigantic icons used for notebooks and notes (and the fact that they can only be grouped by months or name alphabetically). People will always have issues but these two jump out at me every time I open the app! Hugh
  8. Me too. That lets me use ***Notebook Name, **Notebook Name, etc. to keep certain notebooks at the top of my list.
  9. The only way to do it is to use the title of the note to organize them. Name your notes 1. xxx, 2.xxx, 3.xxx, etc and then sort by title.
  10. I understand. That is why I really just want EN to give me a notebook count to let me know when I am at 250. My EN system is very fluid and the way I don't end up with 10,000 notes is by archiving notebooks to a cloud account. This way I can always retrieve notebooks for a specific project as needed in the future. I suppose I could do this with tags but it seems counterintuitive. Once again, this is the system that works for me. Your mileage may vary... This question of tags vs notebooks may come up as EN switches to their Business mode. We ( a large architectural firm) are evaluating EN Business as a possible tool. Letting everyone an a team pick or name their own tags may get a bit crazy. It will be interesting to watch. Hugh
  11. It's great to hear that so many of you make EN work with your data in so few notebooks. In my case I need to use more notebooks. Can I compromise my workflow and shift over to lots of tags? Sure but I want to stress the word compromise. My current setup is PERFECT for me, except I occasionally hit the 250 notebook limit. I have 2500 notes, mostly images (floor plans, photos, etc). As I said, I can manage the 250 notebook limit. The problem is I have no way of knowing my total notebook count without adding them all up.
  12. I am a pretty long time user of EN and I am firmly in the more notebooks camp. I like using tags to create multiple links to a specific note but I find it much quicker when creating a note to just dump it into a specific notebook rather than tagging it then. My notes are most often images or web articles or copied emails. Images don't show up in searches unless they have text. I love the fact that when I use the web clipper it actually guesses which notebook to put it in with amazing accuracy. When I have time I go to a notebook and I may reorganize or tag notes then but I can always find my notes easily. Creating notes should be a one step operation. Hugh
  13. OK, I won't ask for EN to get rid of the 250 notebook limit... Instead I will ask for some way of knowing how many notebooks I actually have OR some warning message when I sync and I have more than 250 notebooks. I recently found out on the forum (and experienced it myself) that EN does weird things to notes over the 250 notebook limit (some get deleted, some go to different notebooks...). I REALLY don't want to discuss tags. I swear, I have tried but notebooks work best for my data and workflow. Hugh
  14. We all have developed our workarounds but we should never stop asking for sub notebooks here in the forum. EN may have decided "for now" not to have this feature but if enough customers keep asking someday they may see the light. Hughjc
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