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Card view on android tablet



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I've been getting acquainted with the Android tablet client recently - and there are some interesting differences to the Mac/ Windows/ iOS clients - one of which is that there is no card view (no note view options). The view type changes according to what you’re sorting by. If you’re sorting by "Title", the list shows a line with date, title and tags. If you select a "Date" sorting option, you will see a "snippet view", which will include a thumbnail image and note preview. Android tablet also has the option to sort by Notebook and Place, which is two up on iOS... or is that one up considering the lack of Card View?  :P


I find sorting by Title on the Android client useful, in that it condenses the note list, (slightly) similar to what you see in the "List View" option on the desktop clients. The iOS client doesn't do this. It would be interesting to know if the Android smartphone has card view... or if it is the same as the tablet. 

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There are some differences between the phone and tablet Android clients, but I'd be hard-pressed to name all of them off the top of my head. One is that the navigation panel is always visible the main view of the tablet version (you still need to swipe right to see the whole thing, or tap on an icon), and the new note icon is on the navigation panel in the tablet version, but is presented at the lower right of the main view of the phone version. As gaz notes, the note list view options are the same on phones and tablets, at least at this time, and there is no card view. The other weird thing about the Android clients is that sorting and view styles are no longer independent, as Frank notes, as they were previously, and are in the Windows client and others, I think. That may change: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/78526-list-view-suppress-thumbnails/

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