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Request: Autocomplete tags in web clipper for Chrome



This might seem minor but I use Chrome web clipper all day, every day, especially in Gmail. A minor annoyance is that while the notebook autocompletes, the tags do not. Per clip this is a minor annoyance but I use tags heavily and clip a lot, so this adds up to a lot of clicking that I'd rather avoid. 


Is there a way to do this now? If not, can I please request you to consider this feature? Thanks!

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Thanks for the response. Sorry I don't think I explained it very well.


Say I have a tag called "december". If I'm working in Evernote I can hit "command-'" to add tags and start typing, for example, "dec" then hit enter when it suggests autocompleting with "december". So I have become used to this behaviour. But in the web clipper, if I type "dec" then hit enter, it will create a new tag for me called "dec" unless I tab down to "december" (or, in your example, if you hit the return key now you'd get a new tag called "Ch", rather than labelling this clip with China). This means I often accidentally create new tags that are shortened versions of my existing tags, so then I have to go and weed them out.

I'd love the web clipper tagging behaviour to match what happens in EN itself, if possible.


Hope that makes sense.



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Has this behavior changed?  

Another difference between web clipper and Windows is search of tags as you autocomplete. I prefer the web clipper. I tag recipes with ingredients and I often can't remember the exact syntax: red pepper vs pepper (red).  typing "red" will bring up both tags in clipper but not in Windows.

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