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  1. Thanks, that make sense. Seems to be working well now. Appreciate the response.
  2. Update: had to reinstall which fixed the problem for 2 days. Now happening again. No response yet to my support ticket.
  3. Having the same problem. Just added one character to a note to see what would happen and 5 minutes later the progress bar is still only 40% across the screen. Will also submit a bug report.
  4. Thanks for the response. Sorry I don't think I explained it very well. Say I have a tag called "december". If I'm working in Evernote I can hit "command-'" to add tags and start typing, for example, "dec" then hit enter when it suggests autocompleting with "december". So I have become used to this behaviour. But in the web clipper, if I type "dec" then hit enter, it will create a new tag for me called "dec" unless I tab down to "december" (or, in your example, if you hit the return key now you'd get a new tag called "Ch", rather than labelling this clip with China). This means I often accidentally create new tags that are shortened versions of my existing tags, so then I have to go and weed them out. I'd love the web clipper tagging behaviour to match what happens in EN itself, if possible. Hope that makes sense. Thanks.
  5. This might seem minor but I use Chrome web clipper all day, every day, especially in Gmail. A minor annoyance is that while the notebook autocompletes, the tags do not. Per clip this is a minor annoyance but I use tags heavily and clip a lot, so this adds up to a lot of clicking that I'd rather avoid. Is there a way to do this now? If not, can I please request you to consider this feature? Thanks!
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