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Every email you place,
none is sent to the recipient.
I sent 7 documents, only discovered four weeks to find out that none were receiving.
workchat today never worked.

And who has not evernote, did not receive any warning that your email has been shown to display a document.
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Hi Mateus:


By Win 8.1 I assume you mean Evernote for Windows desktop and not Evernote Touch for Win8 Modern.


Have you tried sending a Work Chat from your Evernote account, registered to one email account, to a second email account that you control? If you receive the test message this can verify if your messages are being sent and received correctly. 

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Both the web when in windows application.


"all chat" I open and put e-mail, "none of the people received."


And who does not have evernote installed does not receive talking email saying he received a file or message by evernote, this does not happen.


This bug remains serious and I see that nothing works.

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In Evernote for Windows desktop v. there are several ways to share a note.


If you select the drop down menu on the Share button you can select:

"Share in Work Chat"

"Copy share URL"

"Send by Email"



Which of these options are you trying to use?


Have you tried to send a note to yourself as I suggested in my last post? Did it work?

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Well,  I used chat' with another email address of mine and it works fine.  I had an email invite,  accepted it and found my initial message.  Please let us know,  step by step,  exactly how you're inviting someone to chat...

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Mateus, the recipient of your Work Chat message must log in to an Evernote account before they can see the message. Work Chat is a feature that allows two or more people to communicate within Evernote, so if the recipient does not yet have an Evernote account, they can create one, log in and chat with you via Work Chat, inside Evernote. This feature seems to be working as designed for you and does not appear to be a bug.

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Dear friend,
As UX-User of professional experience, this is a serious bug.
1- When the recipient does not have the evernote, nothing happens.
And then this error. Nothing happens.
Should actually indicate to the recipient the message BODY entered by the author, and below, the CALL FOR YOU KNOW EVERNOTE AND FOR IT TO MAKE YOUR FIRST REGISTRATION.
Thus, the tool becomes useful.
I live in Brazil,
I found several other usability errors, I have a proposal for UX consultancy. I could talk to? u can help me?

Thank you

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