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  1. Gratitude for attention. Taking advantage of the topic, I have encountered several other problems over the years. Many are related to my work, so I found it. I was born deaf, I move a lot with interface (man x machine) (Ux / UI / EI). I do not know if they work in evernote, but, being Brazilian, I have difficulty with contact. I tried to see possibilities to provide services as freelance and suggest great improvements in the interfaces of the evernote so that it was more efficient and had no return. Any chance of that happening? - Mateusresende@zoho.com Thank you
  2. I am wanting to download the installation for windows and only appears apra android and ios. I had to download it somewhere outside the official website. is with BUG on the site. If it tries to detect which OS to use .. Never do that. I use Linux with firefox.
  3. I can not download, much less able to talk with (limited) full support of filters and problems. Here was the only way to communicate. Only appears installation for IOS and ANDROID, and the installation for windows? Stopped? Was removed? https://evernote.com/download
  4. Dear friend, As UX-User of professional experience, this is a serious bug. 1- When the recipient does not have the evernote, nothing happens.And then this error. Nothing happens. Should actually indicate to the recipient the message BODY entered by the author, and below, the CALL FOR YOU KNOW EVERNOTE AND FOR IT TO MAKE YOUR FIRST REGISTRATION. Thus, the tool becomes useful. I live in Brazil,I found several other usability errors, I have a proposal for UX consultancy. I could talk to? u can help me? Thank you Mateus
  5. And when the person is not user, nothing happens.
  6. "Share in Work Chat" Windows "Send work chat" Web
  7. The button share in Evernote (Win8.1) don't work. And web!
  8. Hi, Both the web when in windows application. "all chat" I open and put e-mail, "none of the people received." And who does not have evernote installed does not receive talking email saying he received a file or message by evernote, this does not happen. This bug remains serious and I see that nothing works.
  9. And who has not evernote, did not receive any warning that your email has been shown to display a document.
  10. Every email you place,none is sent to the recipient. I sent 7 documents, only discovered four weeks to find out that none were receiving. workchat today never worked. And who has not evernote, did not receive any warning that your email has been shown to display a document.
  11. Tenho o mesmo problema e virou um problema bastante chato. Compartilhei pelo menos 7 documentos, achando que meus companheiros iriam ver, mas só hoje depois de 4 semanas descobri que niquem recebeu. Quando vc coloca email da pessoa, Ela não recebe nenhum aviso e nenhum link para poder visualizar o documento compartilhado. Um bug deste é muito sério. Que seja logo resolvido.
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