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Evernote Appearance



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Unfortunately, it is not a bug, it's a major UI design decision made by Evernote.

There have been many, many complaints about the EN Mac 6 UI Design.

See Design Feedback  for the main thread discussing this design.


My Evernote has recently gone plain--no formatting, really boring. It looks like this. I've tried reinstalling, but no luck. Any ideas?

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So the background changed to plain with version 6.0.3? I don't recall voluntarily updating. But it happened to me too. Would the latest version 6.0.5 fix that problem?


See #3 above.  The design doesn't change in 6.0.5.

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Just installed upgrade 6.0.6. Wish I hadn't because I don't like the new look. Evernote needs to bring back some sort of customizable features or at least some color for Christ's sake. Some of us right-brain visual-learner types need this!! It has to keep us visually interested. The Notebooks and Stacks was a great way for "non-linears" to see their collections of work. And the previous interface was graphically pleasing enough to want to use it. If anyone knows how to un-install this upgrade, please let me know.

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