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Evernote Helper not working after update

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Evernote Helper doesn't work after updated the new Mac version 6.0.


I can still type, screencap, but then when i save it, it is forever losted! I can't find it on my mac, nor my iphone, ipad or web platform. So, that means it failed to transfer data to the server or what?????


I can't live without the Evernote Helper!!! It is too convenient for me to quickly add notes, thoughts, and most importantly a couple of screen captures to my notes.


Please!!!! If it's my problem, help me:-( If it's a bug, please fix that asap.



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The last tip from Khun Jo save me today (ie, EN preferences > uncheck "Show Evernote helper in the menu bar" > quit EN > reopen EN > recheck > quit EN > reopen EN.

It happened to me today that the Helper disappeared and would not come back with repeated EN restarts. On Mac after a combination of reset printer, reboot, reload Time Capsule and USB printers.

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