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  1. Problem: Evernote Helper doesn't work after updated the new Mac version 6.0. I can still type, screencap, but then when i save it, it is forever losted! I can't find it on my mac, nor my iphone, ipad or web platform. So, that means it failed to transfer data to the server or what????? I can't live without the Evernote Helper!!! It is too convenient for me to quickly add notes, thoughts, and most importantly a couple of screen captures to my notes. Please!!!! If it's my problem, help me:-( If it's a bug, please fix that asap. Thanks!
  2. I lot of you guys using notability with evernote should know this trick: Using this IFTTT recipe: THIS which links your notability backup in dropbox to gmail and forward to your evernote. It will appear in your evernote as a pdf which is like the normal pdf you can view in evernote, not a .zip file or just a link, like this: This is under the dropbox sync setting as PDF only. However, if i set to PDF + audio. It will update a .zip file to my evernote. What is the point of syncing if I can't view and hear my notes directly in evernote? The reason I want to use notability is the function of AUDIO NOTES with normal notes taking. This is really important during lectures and conferences. But evernote is important as my second brain to store everything and allows me to review the notes easily. (But it is not efficient for quick notes taking esp. when I need to type and record and take photos at the same time) An integration / automation of the two apps will be great for me. I can make my notes efficiently by notability and archive them in evernote. So..does anyone has a solution????? Please help me :-(
  3. Hi everyone! Thanks for your help! I managed to fix it:) I sent the log to the evernote team and they reviewed to address the problem. It turns out that my ipad is constanting sync one single note over and over again. And when I try to reach that note, it was a note that i tried to upload loads of photos taken from ipad. After i delete that, everything is backed to normal. Any users who encounters the same problem can try to check if you have been uploading abnormal notes. Thanks for helping again and I hope my case will help someone else too:)
  4. I know this problem has been discussed over and over again. I've also searched on the net and the forum, but I can't find any case the same as me so I decided to seek for help here. So I have an Ipad mini updated to IOS 7.1.2 and evernote updated to 7.4.2. I also used evernote on macbook. I'm a premium user. The problem is: When I create notes on the computer, and sync it, it would appear in the ipad app. But if I create notes on the ipad, it never sync to the server. (I checked it on the evernote site and it doesn't appear to be there, and on the app it appeared an unsynced sign/icon on the top-right corner of the note) And whenever I open the ipad app, the sync icon is always turning. (I think it means that it is syncing.) And I can't force sync it since it claims to be already working. So it is alwa I remember the problem was not there before. But I didn't notice since when it fails me. I'm very frustrated as I can't delete my app and reinstall it since lots of notes are made on the ipad. And I don't dare trying logout and login as I'm afraid it would also delete unsynced notes. I've turned on the offline notebook feature for certain notebooks before. I now turned it off but it still doesn't change anything. Just mentioning it for further assessing my problem. I also tried the airplane mode thing. Not working. My background setting of refreshing the app is turned on. - Please help me it's driving me crazy:(
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