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More option when printing please



The latest update of evernote for mac (5.7) changed the way notes are printed. (or it might have been one update earlier, but i only noticed it now). The title of a note is now printed on top (which is a good things), but there also is a frame around the note (which is completely unnecessary for me and makes that there are less words on one page).

When selecting the header function in printing, the title is now displayed twice right above each other, which I can't see being useful for anyone.


However, when printing notes a few very valuable functions are still missing:

- a small text on the top up the page stating the title

- a page number on the bottom of the page

- a function to not have this frame


I print a lot of notes (often very long, so covering 10's of pages), for example for my notes from lectures, which i need printed when studying. I used to solve some of these problems by copying everything to word, editing it and then printing that word doc. But I would much rather print directly from evernote.

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Okay, I guess someone from evernote read this since with the latest update the frame is gone. However, the margins are still really wide, which wastes space on my papers (I get that this might be useful for some people, but it's not for others). Please make this kind of stuff into options (and while you're at it have a look at my suggestions for options above ;)) . Also the header now uses more space than before (might have to do with the margins, but not sure about this). 


Printing from the browser is indeed a good alternative, thanks for the suggestion! (however it's not always so handy, I'm sometimes disconnected from the internet when working/studying, and I want to be able to print then as well)

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