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Volunteer to test out Work Chat - Tic-Tac-Toe-style

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I haven't seen anything significant posted on the new Work Chat upgrade. It could be that many of the regular forum contributors don't immediately have a willing/ enthusiastic subject to test it out with (my case). So... any curious soul is welcome to mail me with your email address. Also, if anyone could suggest note content of some sort that one could collaborate on... One suggestion would be a Tic-Tac-Toe game (using Skitch tools) by annotating a blank image.  ;)



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Frank.dg & I ran his work chat exercise & exchanged feedback.  He uses windows.  I use MAC & iPhone.  


Our observations / feedback:


-Skitch annotations do not work via work chat (currently).  If you annotate and send a note to someone via work chat, a blank note appears once they open it (the title you used appears but no actual annotated note), and they will not be able to edit the body of this blank note, even though the permissions suggest they will be able to.


-When you 'share' a note, and input the email address with whom you wish to share, and press enter to send the note, the work chat window goes blank, and you must exit out of the work chat window, and then click the work chat section within evernote to see your chat history & 'note transaction' with said contact, as opposed to your sent note appearing in the chat window in which you freshly input the email address.


-When Frank.dg sent me his first work chat message, it did not appear in my evernote work chat section.  I had to open the email alert in my MAC MAIL INBOX from evernote, click the notification link within the body of the email, and then the work chat message opened and finally appeared under my work chat section.


-Work Chat Notifications on mac client are perfect: For the second, third and so on messages he sent me via work chat, I received an alert on my MAC via the notification center.  It contained a few lines of the chat message in the notification and was very pleasing on the eye.  However, on my iPhone, I did not receive a work chat notification from evernote... which I would have also liked.


-Once Frank.dg sent me a note via work chat, and I opened it, made an edit, and saved it for him to open... I was not able to save/find the work chat note in my actual evernote.  Thus, in order to make edits or access this note again, I had to do so via pulling it up in work chat.  So, hopefully a change will be made to where I can do this in the future.  Or perhaps I just couldn't figure out how to.  


-I can't select/input a picture as my work chat icon.  Currently, my work chat icon appears as a giant letter 'A' and Frank's appears as a giant letter 'F'.  The picture I'd like to use is my gmail picture under the same email address I'm using for evernote/work chat.


-All and all it was a fun experiment and now I finally have a tool to coerce co-workers into downloading evernote.  


Those are the initial observations.  If yours contradict the above, please enlighten!

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Thanks Adam,

that was an interesting exercise! We'll have to have a rematch when Skitch annotations work for collaboration. Also, I didn't mention it, but I did receive notifications simultaneously on my iPhone and iPad. I think you have to set up permissions for Evernote under settings. I much prefer the chat format in iOS :-)



Here's the final outcome of our game:




Here are a couple of brief points worth mentioning:

  • Skitch annotations not working smoothly (or at all) is a biggie. After all, whether it's in an image or a PDF, I would imagine that the annotation tools were built for collaboration.
  • I set up a Tic-Tac-Toe game, instead, in a 3X3-cell table... and there were no collaboration hitches.
  • I have noticed before that there are irregularities when annotating PDFs and images cross-platform. For example, text relative to shapes shifts up and to the right slightly when going back and forth between platforms. As long as nothing is adjusted, it goes back to the original position when viewed on the original device edited on.
    • For this reason, I suspect the cross-platform collaboration (i.e. Windows/ Mac/ iOS) might be the culprit here. 
    • It seems that an image Adam sent me - when I annotated it on my iPad (This morning), the changes were affected in the note we're collaborating on. I think the Windows desktop client may be the odd one out here.
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