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Evernote for Mac 5.6.2 Beta 2 Released



We just released Evernote for Mac 5.6.2 Beta 2.  This is a very targeted release.  Evernote 5.6.2 Beta 1 attempted to fix a major crashing issue that we were seeing in 5.6.1.  We fixed that issue but the fix caused probably an even bigger problem in that focus would get lost or one would get locked out from editing their note.  Ugh!  The goal of this release is to fix the crash in a way that doesn't have those negative side affects. 


For those of you on beta, thank you for finding, reporting and bearing with this issue.   We worked all day on it yesterday and have made the fix as quickly and safely as we could.


You can download Beta 2 here: http://bit.ly/1orvhLY.


Again, let us know if you find any issues.

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Hey there. So, is 5.6.2 something that the public should be using?


Evernote notified me of the upgrade, and I (foolishly) upgraded.


After the install, it didn't display ANYTHING. No note window, nothing. I couldn't open a note window, it was as if it didn't know I had an account.


It took 3 relaunches of Evernote before it starting the "migrating notes" process.


After a couple hours, it completed that and seemed to return to normal. But I noticed that the note I created just before upgrading was not displaying properly.


It has a PDF attachment, with a thumbnail displayed in the list, but nothing at all in the note window.


(I've attached a picture.)


I tried to create a new note the same way, using my ScanSnap. Same problem.


I went to the web interface, same problem.


What's up, guys?


Can this be fixed?




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