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  1. Update: scanning with my ScanSnap crashes this version of Evernote. Upon relaunch, and submitting a crash report, the same "empty note" occurs, even though the thumbnail indicates there should be an attachment. David
  2. Hey there. So, is 5.6.2 something that the public should be using? Evernote notified me of the upgrade, and I (foolishly) upgraded. After the install, it didn't display ANYTHING. No note window, nothing. I couldn't open a note window, it was as if it didn't know I had an account. It took 3 relaunches of Evernote before it starting the "migrating notes" process. After a couple hours, it completed that and seemed to return to normal. But I noticed that the note I created just before upgrading was not displaying properly. It has a PDF attachment, with a thumbnail displayed in the list, but nothing at all in the note window. (I've attached a picture.) I tried to create a new note the same way, using my ScanSnap. Same problem. I went to the web interface, same problem. What's up, guys? Can this be fixed? David
  3. I just ran into this trouble, and sorting by date deleted definitely helps. But just like the "sort by" menu modifies itself to include "date deleted" when looking at the trash, I would love Evernote to modify the tags menu to allow us to search the trash for specific tags, and the search field to allow us to search the trash. Would be most helpful! Thanks, David
  4. Hi Guys, I'm one of those that retro fitted back to 3.0.3, mostly because of 5.0.3's lack of true support for Saved Searches, like a scrollbar so that I can see all my Saved Searches... I noticed "fixes to Saved Searches" and thought I'd give 5.0.5 a try, assuming a scrollbar was put in place. Ha! No. No scrollbar for Saved Searches, still?! Luckily I saved 3.0.3, I'm going right back. See you guys around version 7 or so. David
  5. Thank you thank you thank you for putting this link up. I've been frustrated by v5 since it's release, and, thanks to this post, just reverted back (after making a back up of my database . And it worked perfectly. For all the criticism I have for the v5 release, the fact that I can simply change which app is talking to the data, and everything still works, is quite a feat. Good job, guys. Now that I've gone back, incase any Evernote people are interested, I can tell you why I breathe easier using v3... I can SEE everything. I was surprised at that reaction myself, but the left bar containing all notebooks, tags, saved searches and attributes --- right there where I can see them --- makes me feel like I know where all this stuff is. The more "hidden" form in v5 makes me feel like things are hidden. I don't know, it's weird. Also, I immediately rediscovered notebooks that I had forgotten were there... There's something about that silly alphabetical list that's always present... I have to scroll past things, and hence I stumble upon things. The one thing I'll miss in v3 is the "shortcuts" section. I did like that a lot. But now my saved searches are back and useful and using search syntax properly, I'm very happy about that. I'll stay away from v5... Will check in again with v6. Thanks, David
  6. I just noticed that the little green dates in card view stay on the "modified date" even when I switch the view to sort by created date. Would be nice if the list dates shows the created date when I make that change. David
  7. I know I'm a nerd when I say this, but I just got an iPad Mini for the holidays. The one app I was most concerned with liking on it was Penultimate. And I LOVE Penultimate on the mini. My handwriting is clearer, I think it has something to do with the smaller screen. Anyhow, I got my note from an iTunes back up... But I immediately realized that I need Penultimate to cloud sync with my iPad. This is a major feature request. First of all, you can see this coming for everyone who gets a mini. Second, this is Evernote, so it seems like syncing should be a no-brainer. Personally, I'd like my Evernote to be the central hub, with a Penultimate Notebooks section or something, where I can tag my notebooks, or copy out pages to add to other notes. Hope you guys are working on it. Thanks, David
  8. Thanks for that Peter, I was busy just trying to get at my old searches, hadn't even tried to modify them yet. Who the hell approved this? What software development leader would ok losing so many features? Pasted links becoming clickable? Saved Searches almost disappearing? What is it they were so excited to release? Atlas? Shortcuts... Both good adds, but why approve losing the other features that used to work? Pfftttt. David - download a great iPhone/iPad app called "Clever". This is an Evernote iOS clone written in Japan (in English) which is everything the EN iOS apps should be - and it has shortcuts! Worth every penny. Peter I'll check it out right now. Thanks again, David
  9. Well, I stand corrected. Thank you Jackolicios. I still wish I could see my saved searches somewhere besides that query menu, particularly since it doesn't scroll to show me all my saved searches. I'm right on that, aren't I? Or is there another place to see them? Thanks again, David
  10. Hi Evernote team, I feel that I must comment on the new interface on v5.x.x I, for one, don't exactly mind the direction you're going in. The tags screen is nice, the notebooks screen, the atlas. All fine and stylish. And I personally love ShortCuts. I can't wait for them to get to the iPhone. It's a shame they weren't incorporated into the iOS v5 release! But why have saved searches gotten the shaft? They hide in the stupid search menu, and haven't even earned a scroll bar in your programmers minds! Why can't I drag Saved Searches into the shortcuts list? Why aren't Saved Searches a main button like Tags? I live on Saved Searches and they feel like 2nd class citizens now. Please, don't let them fall off your radar screen. They are important to me, and I'm sure many other users. Continued loss of functionality and ease-of-use will cause us to look for other options. I'm a huge Evernote fan, but less useful is less useful. Please, listen to us. Thanks, David
  11. Hi Jefito, Sorry, I just wasn't sure how to accomplish this with the black star unicode. But I just tried it and it works perfectly! Thank you. I had been trying to do this with the s1, s2, s3, s4 example of burgersnfries, and that was not working at all. Your approach was spot on. I'm sorry I doubted you! So, if Evernote is listening, this search with the wild card CAN replicate a star rating system quite well... My request would now be to include this approach in a newsletter as a tip or something, so that those with thick heads (such as myself) could benefit from it and stop pestering you with this feature request :-) Again, just for future documentation incase someone hopes to accomplish this, Jefito's scheme is: tags look like ★, ★★, ★★★, ★★★★, ★★★★★ ----- (and you can get this ★ character at the link in Jefito's post above) search looks like "tag: ★★★*" result will be 3 stars and above. And if you include other tags, such as "tag:research" "tag:evernote" you'll get all your evernote research tagged 3 stars or higher. Very cool! The only disadvantage I can see, compared to a built in star rating system, is that you can not sort a list of notes specifically by your star ratings. But, you CAN create saved searches, which are quite close to smart lists, and that satisfies a big need of mine. Jefito's other point is that, as visually cool as these black star unicode things are, they are hard to type, as you have to copy and paste them from a site. So you could accomplish this same type of rating system by making your rating tags with type-able characters like this: $, $$, $$$, $$$$, $$$$$ and the searches like "tag:$$$*" for 3 and above Hope that helps others, as it would have helped me a while ago when I searched for this. Thanks again Jefito! David
  12. Thanks for that info. I appreciate your thoroughness. What about the wild character search example you gave... Was that real as well? How did you enter it exactly? I'd be happy to see if that can accomplish what I'm after. Thanks, David
  13. I just chatted with tech support, and there isn't any unicode support. So I guess that was just hypothetical Jefito? Thanks for your input. And I'm glad we agree that replicating a star rating system using tags alone is not possible. I'm adding my voice to the many that are requesting a star rating system. Has anyone noticed that there's a star icon in the iPhone app? Tap on any note, you'll see it just to the left of the title. So some programmer thought stars was a good idea at some point. In the end, all these suggestions won't accomplish what I'm hoping Evernote will see as important: a way to isolate notes using tags, then sort them by a rating system. If that were coded in, perhaps we could also get a "smart notebook" type of system like iTunes has "smart playlists". Wouldn't you want to have an automatically updating "smart notebook" with all your "#ideas" that you've rated 5 stars? Or I personally have tons of research articles that I tag like crazy with every cross reference point possible. But some of them get out of date, or just aren't as good as others. So I'd like to be able to have a "smart notebook" that contains notes tagged with #research #software #evernote #uses and then specify "4 stars or greater". With a star rating system I can do that. Without one, I can't. So I'm requesting that feature. Thanks so much, Evernote, for having a place we can request features. David
  14. Thanks Jefito for your quick response. I didn't know about the unicode and wild card character support. How do I actually enter unicode stars as a tag? I searched the knowledge base for unicode but nothing came up. Thanks so much, David
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