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  1. I was doing some work on EN and a note just suddenly created itself. It was empty and the title is gibberish. Anyone know why this happened? I took a screenshot of it. https://www.evernote.com/l/AA4A0EouNlZNRbIxbVT8Xi98UZPFEVxnyhY
  2. Please let me remove "upgrade your team" from the sidebar. It's really annoying. I don't have a team and I'm fine with my premium account.
  3. I've been working a lot less on Evernote now and keeping my ears open for a reliable alternative. Other people may get used to the brightness, but I just can't in its current state. Even slightly more differentiation would be ok with me (although an option to change the color scheme would be ideal). Modifying work flows is a P.I.T.A., but when the app you're using gets in the way of work as it does now, the whole experience is miserable. This stubborn adherence to an appalling color scheme has left me utterly flummoxed.
  4. It still looks the same to me. I just need to wear shades before using the app, do what I need to do quickly, then get out. Save my vision for when this whole "let's blind the user" trend blows over.
  5. It's a stunning update. In that it looks just like 6.0.1. *sigh*
  6. They're phasing out the email function? That's a game changer for me. They might as well phase me out, too.
  7. Also, work chat is of no use to me. Can we have the choice of removing it from the top bar next to the search field? The one thing I really loved using was the one-click emailing of notes. Of course, you had to remove that and make me work harder now. The more I think about it, the more I'm realizing how much of a step back this version is in terms of usability.
  8. btw, one of the reasons I switched from Windows to Mac was I felt the Mac version of Evernote looked and felt better. I now feel like Windows is hunting me down.
  9. I loved the previous version. Not happy with this one. It's harder to read (I rely on snippet view a lot and I have to strain my eyes to read what the included lines say). It's boring. Just a gray thing on my screen. No color. Hardly any differentiation. Overall, makes me wonder if there's a point in living. ___________________________ update: it's been a couple of hours and the shock is wearing off. I'm slightly adjusting to the new look and I'm beginning to see its merits. It still reminds me so much of the Windows version I ran away from, minus the customizability. It would be great if you could add more contrast/differentiation, or at least give the user the option. It really does get depressing staring at gray for extended periods. My workflow is simple and adaptable so I can't comment much on the troubles the other users are having, but it would be helpful if basic text editing commands like strikethrough weren't hidden two clicks deep in the menu. Little things make all the difference.
  10. THANK YOU!!!! I breathe easier and work better. You made my day! . Thank the Evernote crew! All I did was install it. So glad this got fixed quickly, though. That annoying behavior was testing the limits of my zen.
  11. Just installed 5.6.2 beta 2 and, based on a couple of minutes of tinkering with it, the whole flickering/refreshing/losing focus appears to have been resolved. Thanks!
  12. I keep losing my place when I'm editing a note or an attachment to a note. Any time I make a tiny change, the app "blinks" as if to indicate that it needs to be synched, but then the cursor disappears from where I was typing, which means I'd have to find and click the spot within the note to resume editing. Other times the note just freezes and I have to close it and wait another few seconds to get back in it. This behavior is extremely annoying and disruptive to any workflow. Please fix soon! Thanks! 5.6.2 beta 1 on Yosemite.
  13. My upload allowance was supposed to reset today. The app says my next reset is in 30 days (as it should), but the allowance itself did not go back to zero--it still shows I used up what I did for the last month. I'm running EN for Mac 5.6.2 Beta (450889 Direct) on Yosemite. Anyone else have the same issue? -Bryan
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