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Evernote Premium Account cancelled

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Hi all - whilst waiting for Evernote themselves to respond I wondered if anyone has had a similar experience. . .  I had an email from PayPay a few days ago to inform me that Evernote had cancelled my payments for Premium - and I have no idea why.


I cannot access live chat as I no longer have a Premium account!! any ideas? your help would be really appreciated, Sarah

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Hi Sarah,

Yes, put in a Support ticket and once you get a Ticket # through email, come back and post it so one of the forum admins can flag it for you. Include a hint of your issue in the ticket title. Something like "Trouble with Premium Account."

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Yes thanks - payment is through PayPal and it is linked to my bank account. If there is no money in my PayPal account, then it is taken from my bank account.

Recurring payments have been a problem with PayPal in the past, though I thought it was mainly something to do with Germany.

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