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REQUEST: Feature Request: Simple Spreadsheets



As has been briefly discussed before (at least here https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/30398-simple-spreadsheet-soon/ and https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/29114-simple-spreadsheet-please/).  I am similar to the former post in that I have ton of small, simple spreadsheets cluttering my hard drive -- spreadsheets which are very handy but don't really need most of the overhead of a full spreadsheet app.  This would be a killer feature for me in EN and would fit my usage of the app (I use Mac and iOS mostly) perfectly.  When I need to make a quick list or note or reminder, I use EN; when I need to make a fancy document with lots of formatting, etc, I use a word processor.  Similarly, when I just need to run some numbers and save them for later, I would love to use EN to sort, tag, find, search etc.  If I need a really fancy spreadsheet with different sheets, charts, complex formulae, etc, I can use a dedicated spreadsheet app.  (Note that I don't envision the need for "spreadsheet notes" to be embedded w/i other notes, but to be separate, stand-alone notes.)


I've been using EN for over 4 years now and paid customer for about 1.  It's great and a feature like this would make it greater and dramatically increase my usage.


Thanks, Clayton

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Previously, a lot of folks here would probably have posted, in response, that if you need spreadsheet capability, then use a spreadsheet app.

Now that Evernote CEO Phil Libin has announced that he wants to replace MS Office, do away with traditional files and documents, and make Evernote the one place you work in all day long, we might just see a spreadsheet feature appearing in Evernote.  But when?  Who knows?


IMO, the best you can do in the near to mid term, is attach a spreadsheet file to a EN Note.

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Thanks for replies folks.  I hope someone from EN reads these, because that's who I'd really like to speak to.


Reading my original post, though, it's clear that a "spreadsheet application" is not what I'm looking for.  Just as I use EN for lightweight notes and lists and don't expect it to pack all of the features of a word processing app, so too would it be a killer feature if it allowed creation and manipulation of lightweight spreadsheets.  Or perhaps I could say it this way: EN, please do for spreadsheets what you did to word processing: strip it down to just the basic features (that comprise the overwhelming bulk of our usage), add tags, search, etc, and you will start speaking to another segment of the world: those of us that think in numbers as much (or more) than we do in words.


Thanks again for EN!

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Evernote does read all posts here on the forums, so feature requests are noted, and indeed welcomed. That being said, not all feature requests are fulfilled. Wanting to have it all in Evernote ("batteries included") is appealing, but there is power to being able to extend to external file types as well, because for everyone who claims that a stripped-down version of feature X is all that's required, it seems that there are 10 people who want that, *plus* some extra capability (often different from the ones wanted by the others) that they cannot live without; a dedicated specialized application is going to take care of all of those requirements, plus you can choose which external application to use. I could definitely see having some calculation facilities in Evernote being useful, though; we'll see whether it happens any time soon, or at all.

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