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  1. Thank you! Any chance this will get a keyboard shortcut? Command+D, like in Finder, would be great. But regardless, thank you!
  2. My Evernote window is set up in the "Side List View" and I often wish I could insert a note link into the note I'm currently editing by dragging and dropping a note from the list into the note editor. The current behavior: When i click and drag on a note title in the note list, it will select the note I click+drag (closing the note I was editing and opening the "new" one for editing) and I can then then drag that note into itself and EN will insert a note link. This is counter intuitive. My requested behavior: the note I am currently editing will stay open, allowing me to drag the other note link into it. I would expect a note to open for editing when I click+release in the note list, when I click+drag I do not expect it to open a different note. Thank you!
  3. This would be great in general, not just for notebooks. If notes, shortcuts, etc could have an (optional) color assigned, it could make organizing them very easy. I have fairly few entries in my shortcuts/sidebar but still often have a hard time finding the one I want; I've often wished I could give some of them a color.
  4. For what's it's worth, I had filed a support ticket with EN and they did get back to me requesting a crash log/diagnostic data. They also suggested that I reset my device, which actually worked for me. EN 7.6.2 is now working fine on my iPhone againe.
  5. Ditto here. Has anyone heard anything about this? The forums seem to have many threads mentioning issues w/ iPhone and latest EN. Would love to know when to expect a fix or at least a workaround.
  6. I share similar feelings. I like it; the update went fine and all of my notes, notebooks, tags, etc are in place. All the parts I use are there, are usable and are readable. As a premium subscriber, I'm happy with it. But since there are so many suggestions going around, I'll chime it: 1. Some green would be great. Just a little? 2. I use the "Side List View" and find that the blue outline of the selected note is a little inconspicuous. Changing the background color of the selected notes in the list seems like it be clearer and easier to glance at, for me. 3. I miss the "All Notes" button. 4. +1 for customizable toolbars. There are many buttons that I haven't used and would be happy to hide. If this isn't possible, some option to automatically hide the toolbars above the note (the ones that include notebook name, tags, Skitch/annotate button, formatting options) until the mouse moves over them would help provide more note real estate on small monitors (like mine) and clean, clutterless workspaces. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for replies folks. I hope someone from EN reads these, because that's who I'd really like to speak to. Reading my original post, though, it's clear that a "spreadsheet application" is not what I'm looking for. Just as I use EN for lightweight notes and lists and don't expect it to pack all of the features of a word processing app, so too would it be a killer feature if it allowed creation and manipulation of lightweight spreadsheets. Or perhaps I could say it this way: EN, please do for spreadsheets what you did to word processing: strip it down to just the basic features (that comprise the overwhelming bulk of our usage), add tags, search, etc, and you will start speaking to another segment of the world: those of us that think in numbers as much (or more) than we do in words. Thanks again for EN!
  8. As has been briefly discussed before (at least here https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/30398-simple-spreadsheet-soon/ and https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/29114-simple-spreadsheet-please/). I am similar to the former post in that I have ton of small, simple spreadsheets cluttering my hard drive -- spreadsheets which are very handy but don't really need most of the overhead of a full spreadsheet app. This would be a killer feature for me in EN and would fit my usage of the app (I use Mac and iOS mostly) perfectly. When I need to make a quick list or note or reminder, I use EN; when I need to make a fancy document with lots of formatting, etc, I use a word processor. Similarly, when I just need to run some numbers and save them for later, I would love to use EN to sort, tag, find, search etc. If I need a really fancy spreadsheet with different sheets, charts, complex formulae, etc, I can use a dedicated spreadsheet app. (Note that I don't envision the need for "spreadsheet notes" to be embedded w/i other notes, but to be separate, stand-alone notes.) I've been using EN for over 4 years now and paid customer for about 1. It's great and a feature like this would make it greater and dramatically increase my usage. Thanks, Clayton
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