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Corporate iPad - Installation not permitted

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I obviously don't know your corporate IT people, but, IMO, it is more likely that you can convince your IT dept to allow you to install the EN iPad App than you can convince Evernote to support EN Web on a iOS Safari.


They quit supporting iOS Safari quite some time ago, and there were a lot of complaints, but, as you can see, Evernote has not changed their mind.


Good luck!

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I agree with JM. Evernote just rolled out a new version of their web site and it doesn't seem to work on the iPad either. I think this is the first major update in six years, so I wouldn't wait for Evernote to make it iOS compatible.

I'm unclear about whether the mobile version of the website is still being supported. We lost access to it a few months ago for a long while, but the other day I was able to access it at www.evernote.com/m The problem with it is that you can only read notes. You cannot edit them.

Another option would be to remote login to a home computer and run Evernote on it. This works pretty well, though input isn't optimized for touch, so it can be a little clunky.

And, of course, there is always the Microsoft Surface, a tablet and computer all in one.

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A very long and selective way around this would be to create a note in Evernote with the shared links of all the individual notes you'd like to see on iPad in any browser. (I'm not talking about creating a Table of Contents using the TOC feature in EN... but creating a share link for the note itself.)


Once you have a list of all the shared notes you want to access, copy the share link to that note and send it to yourself... you should now be able to access the collection of individual public note links on the web via that master note... however:


  • Your notes are not private (Nevertheless, I'm sure no one will randomly and accidentally type out that long URL string).
  • Your notes are view only (you can view the entire note, no matter how long)


This is not really a solution... unless all you wanted was to view a few notes. If you're stuck on iPad, this might be fine for a few view-only notes.

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Since we are now talking about workarounds, no matter how ungainly, here is one I actually used for a few years. It helps a ot if you work primarily in plain text (or markdown) with few attachments. The process looks unwieldy, but only took a few minutes, even with tens of thousands of notes.

1. Export notes as .html

2. Import notes into VoodooPad on Mac

3. Sync notes with VoodooPad on iOS or export notes on Mac from VoodooPad as .txt, put in Dropbox, and use the iOS app notesy

4. Export notes from VoodooPad to .html or .txt

5. Drag notes into Evernote

Evernote often froze and crashed with my account for a long time (it seems to have just been me) so having this mirror account enabled me to work on the iPad, even offline. One benefit of the VoodooPad method was that I could encrypt all my notes, the names of notes automatically became links in VoodooPad, and the search feature was somewhat useful, even with many thousands of notes (no search index, so not nearly as fast or robust). In the end, you'll still have to ask IT, but they might be nore amenable to using something with 256-bit zero-knowledge encryption.

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Thanks everyone. No flexibility w/ our IT policies. Looks like I'll just have to carry my own iPad Mini in the field with the corporate iPad Air.


Seems like a waste of a corporate iPad not for them to want you to use Evernote... Perhaps in the future when they get around to using Evernote business, you'll be able to connect your personal account + the business account :-)

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it's not uncommon for IT to steer clear of cloud services. people put sensitive work materials in there and there is the potential for problems. some departments just don't allow anything at all.

as for voodoopad, it is interesting, but only for apple stuff, and since being acquired from the original developer last year, it hasn't received a major update, though it is in need of one. the company says it is in active development, but a year has passed, so i think our definitions of "active" are a little different. in contrast, i'd say evernote has undergone at least two major updates, and many, many other ones in between.

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