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  1. Thanks everyone. No flexibility w/ our IT policies. Looks like I'll just have to carry my own iPad Mini in the field with the corporate iPad Air.
  2. Evernote web version won't operate on iPad Safari browser. Is there any possible workaround? Have Android phone but notes still act wonky when edited with these 2 different operating systems. Really need to use EN web version on iPad.
  3. Great input folks, thanks. This was a first and I've traditionally been able to edit notes in one format (Android or iPad) and re-edit them in the other, back and forth, all the time. One other variable that changed - - two days ago I made all my notebooks download to my phone vs. only operating on them in EN cloud and this is the first note I tried to edit on Android. Can you hear the theme music from 'Twilight Zone' ? I have not tried to reproduce the error as it hasn't happened before. I'll try now... EDIT; Created note in iPad, successfully edited it on Android. Figures. :-)
  4. Opened a note with my Android phone. Needed to edit the note. The data within the note showed on the left under the note title but the note appeared blank when viewing or preparing to edit it. Entering one character wiped out the contents of the note. I checked on iPad and the note had become blank. Note was originally created using iPad but before this version I was able to edit on both Android and iPad. Version? I see no way to determine it in the app. It updated yesterday.
  5. The new version has the problem too. I guess Evernote is 'read only' for my Android phone so I don't lose any more important data.
  6. Same problem with iPad Mini running iOS 7.0.2. Freezes every time it's opened. Completely non-usable. EDIT: Uninstall - reinstalled seems to have fixed it.
  7. Another vote / plea for a fast alphabetical note finder for iPad version. I have customers on individual notes A-Z and dislike scrolling, over-scrolling, scrolling back up, over-scrolling back up. And I don't even drink sherry !
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