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New Android Evernote doesn't allow custom look to note lists?

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Updated Evernote (Android) on my phone, now I don't see anywhere to customize the look of the list of notes? I had my recently updated list so it would just show the title and nothing else so I could get a lot of notes on the screen and cut down on scrolling.  Now a note that is password protected so there is no content to see in the list still takes up a third of my phone screen. I could do it under date created before, now the only way that works is sorting by title or notebook? Doesn't do it under date created or recently updated? I don't need to see the contents in the list, I know what is in them from the title. This part of new look is reducing my efficient use of Evernote, not enhancing it.

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A lamented loss

I just went back to version 5.8.5 and told my phone "no automatic updates." I have a smaller screen. Without List View, Evernote would be close to worthless on that phone. Until List View comes back, I won't be updating Evernote.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. Sorry for the inconvenience. We're looking to make view and sort options independent from one another in the next release. Stay tuned! 


Users came to you guys to beg for some old feature. After 3 months finally you decide to consider granting it to them. Such a feeling must be very nice!

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