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  1. Thanks for the feedback. As mentioned earlier we are working on adding the saved search back for people who have saved searches. The other feedback has been added to our back log and we are actively investigating and working on this. Thanks for your help.
  2. Some devices places the 1x1 in the shortcuts section. Can you check to see if you see it there? Unfortunately that's an Android limitation. The app needs to be stored on your internal device storage to access the widgets. We have found that for some people un-installing and re-installing the app fixes the situation. However a reboot will get you back into this same state. Please check the shortcuts section of your launcher. We have found that some devices place the 1x1 there. Let me know if you find it.
  3. Is the app stored on your SD card? If so there is a known Android bug where widgets won't show up. Please move the app to device storage to see the widgets appear.
  4. Thanks for your feedback folks. We've added saved searches if you have them to the list of options for the 4x2 widget. Stay tuned for the next release coming soon. We have started to look at adding dark theme options in the customization screens and have added quick camera to our backlog to investigate next. Glad folks like the simple note functionality. Do let us know if you run into any more issues. Thanks for all the feedback.
  5. Sorry for the frustration teloscientist. Some questions for you: - By multi-widget do you mean the list widget? Could you please let me know what device, OS you're running? - For the quick photo - you can still use the photo action. The only difference is that you get dropped back into the note so that you can set the title so you can find the note later. - For individual widgets - each 1x1 has the type of action as it's icon as well as the notebook name (in case you want to use the same action for different notebooks). This helps differentiate the widgets. How else would you like these to be represented?
  6. Have you mounted an SD card on this device? Some OEMs automatically place apps on the SD card depending on how much internal memory you have available.
  7. Glad that worked Slim. There is an Android bug where if the app is installed on the SD card the widgets aren't scanned. A work around is to re-install the app. If you don't move the app to device storage though, a reboot will cause the same issue to occur.
  8. Thanks littleredhood. Glad that worked. Unfortunately due to an Android bug they don't scan widgets on the SD card in time to load them. One way around this is to uninstall and re-install the app. However a reboot will cause this issue to happen again.
  9. For those of you missing your widgets - could you please check to see if Evernote is installed on your SD card? If it is could you move it back to device storage? That may be why your widgets aren't appearing.
  10. mvdweer we have a 1x1 widget available for you to use. Some devices are placing it in the shortcuts section. If you're still not seeing it on your device could you please send me your device model and OS information, as well as any info on any custom launchers you may have installed. Thanks!
  11. Thanks Leandro for letting us know. Can you confirm that rebooting your device doesn't cause the widgets to appear? Glad to your hear you like the widget Morticia!
  12. Hi folks. If you don't see the widgets please try the following: - Reboot your device - Check in the shortcuts section of your device (some devices place the widget in those sections) - Re-install the app If you still don't see the widget could you please reply with device model/make, OS and if you're using any special launchers? AdmiralP - yes you can have as many 1x1 actions as you would like.
  13. Last week we released Evernote for Android v7.2 to the Play Store. In this update we introduced a new and improved Evernote widget that is part of the main Evernote app. There is no need to install a separate widget to get Evernote functionality right on your home screen. Read the blog post here to learn about the changes and improvements we made. There are known issues with certain launchers where the widgets are not showing up. If you don't see the widget please reboot your device or try looking in the shortcuts section on your device. If you still don't see the new widgets please let me know what device and OS you're on and if you installed your own launcher. Do let us know of any other issues or feedback you have. Thanks in advance!
  14. Last week we released Evernote for Android v7.1.3 to the Play Store. In this update we focussed on improving the stability of the app, especially with unreliable network connections. We made some major changes for this improvement so do let us know if you hit any issues. Thanks in advance!
  15. @catsknit, after you take a picture you can tap on the thumbnail in the top right hand corner to view the image. In that view you have the option to delete or save the image. Since we have OCR capabilities for pictures taken with the normal camera I would continue to use that mode when taking pictures of non-documents. You should use the document camera for items with bounds that are on a contrasting surface. Hope that helps!
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