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  1. If you're using Ubuntu (or, in my case, Linux Mint), Everpad works well. As a backup, I've also installed NixNote (which also works well). I should say, works well for me -- my needs are simple, almost exclusively text notes. And there's now actually a bonus when using a non-official Linux Evernote clients -- they don't count against your device limitations when using the Basic version of Evernote because they use the Evernote API.
  2. I wish I knew. It took me by surprise. Apparently someone thought no one liked the feature?
  3. That would be great if I didn't sort by Creation Date. I'll just stick with 5.8.5 and hope the full List View feature comes back.
  4. Please return List View on Android devices. Snippet View just takes up too much room and makes Evernote about worthless for me. My solution, for now, is to not allow updates.Thanks.
  5. I just went back to version 5.8.5 and told my phone "no automatic updates." I have a smaller screen. Without List View, Evernote would be close to worthless on that phone. Until List View comes back, I won't be updating Evernote.
  6. I don't think it's going to happen. Evernote has been pretty clear about not having the resources to do it -- but that they have supplied the "hooks" for others to make a Linux client. Have you tried NixNote? Currently it works under Java, but I've read somewhere that a C++ version is in the works. I use it for saving notes locally (or even entering notes), plus the Evernote web client for convenience. Together they work out pretty well on Linux.
  7. I hear KDE 4 has gotten much better and easier on resources. What I like about Mate is that it's low on resource usage, so works well on my "vintage" computers. Laptop and desktop are both closing in on ten years old but both going strong.
  8. That's odd. Once mine registered (early this morning), it synced fine with WiFi. These may be two different issues.
  9. Having the same issue. Evernote is working fine on the Web and with NixNote (on laptop and desktop) -- and it's working on my main Android phone. But I can't get it to work on my backup Android, Pay As You Go, phone. (Kids will be taking the main phone for a couple days as the PAYGO's minutes are too limited.) Use Evernote all the time. Was working fine on the backup phone last time I tested it. Internet working fine -- uniinstalled, reinstalled Evernote, changed to SD Card and back -- so far nothing has gotten it to work.
  10. I like the web interface -- but it's nice to have the notes downloaded to my hard drive as well. I gave up on KDE at version 4. I guess I don't do well with change.
  11. I'm using Linux Mint 13 Mate (Gnome 2.x fork). Evernote Web (in Chrome Browser) and NixNote will do the job for me -- but, of course, it would be nice to have a native Linux Evernote. But I'm not complaining. I love the program.
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